T minus two weeks until BlogHer

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I'll Be Geeking OutI cannot tell you how excited I am about the BlogHer Conference. It's coming up in only two weeks, and I have pretty much started counting down the days.

I went to BlogHer in 2007, and I enjoyed it, but I was in a funk at the time and wasn't as extroverted as one needs to be in that type of situation and didn't have half as good time or get half as much out of it as I know I could have. This year, I am going to remedy that. To begin, I am rooming with a stranger (or an e-friend of a friend, really). That ought to force me out of my shell some. I've also RSVP'd for no less than a half a dozen of the fantastic parties that are scheduled, which ought to help (Grace is much friendlier with a few cocktails under her belt). I didn't make it on to the list for the Blogalicious Lush party, though, so if anybody wants to take pity on me and sneak me in there, I've be forever grateful. Seriously. Please?

I'm also checking out the attendees list over on the BlogHer site and reading up on some new blogs, in hopes I will be able to match faces and writers at the conference (easier said than done). For my own part, I'm planning a pre-BlogHer post series to begin on Monday, and at least one review over at Heroine Content before I leave for Chicago.

Also, I wised up this year and had some business cards made with all of my online information on them. One of the best things I did get out of the conference in 2007 was the stack of cards for new blogs I came home with, so I'm hoping to be a part of that process this year.

What else? Are any of you going? Can we meet up there? Any suggestions about how to make the most of the great opportunity to be there?


I'm no stranger than most, I promise! :)

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