2009 Goal Progress Report: Week 31


Getting back on track with weekly updates.

1. Read one book per week.
I finished the audiobook Look Me In The Eye this week and am on to Leaving the Saints. Still reading Edgar Sawtelle, though I hope to finish it this weekend. It's not bad, it's just not compelling me to read it quickly.

2. See one movie per week.
I continue to exceed my goals here. I've seen four movies in the past week: Gran Torino (OK); Chocolate (awesome); Shaolin Soccer (nowhere near as good as Kung Fu Hustle); and Death Race (truly terrible).

4. Improve my eating habits & 5. Exercise regularly.
Put my big ass on the scale and saw just how out of control my failure on these two goals has gotten. It's bad. I'm not going to talk about how bad right now, but bad. And honestly, I don't feel capable of focusing on it until after the move, so I'm just letting it go right now. Once we're in Virginia, though, these two goals are going to be front and center.

9. Journal and blog regularly.
I've blogged every day this past week and journaled every day but one. Good progress.

10. Sell our house and move.
We are, thank God, under contract. The option period ends at midnight tonight and we close on August 31. So we are where we need to be. Moving plans in the works--sounds like we're going to do it ourselvse with a Penske truck and a prayer, sometime around the 23rd. Three days to drive 1,500 miles (since we have all the animals, we have to stop a lot). Not exactly looking forward to that part, but it has to be done.

11. Practice cooking.
Hey, I made enchiladas and lasagna!

13. Build my freelance resume.
I was supposed to get to work on actually updating my resume with the stuff I've been doing, but I haven't gotten to it. I'm going to put it off, because things are very busy right now, but should be calmed way way down in September. So I will do that then.

All in all, not bad. I'm glad to be reading and journaling more--making time for those things was something I said that I needed to work on last week. For this coming week, I want to maintain that progress and keep moving towards being moved. Packing is up next, so there won't likely be a ton of time for anything else.


Good progress this week. It makes me wish that I had set goals like this so that in theory I would have a blog post per week, lol.

This is quite a list! I love that you put reading a book above moving. A girl that has her priorities straight!

so glad the house is moving forward, that's terrific news, i hope yu were able to ge something like your asking price

as for your movies, chocolate is exactly th kind of mvie i should love but it just didn't work for me ... the french actors speaking english that is supposed to be french was distractig but there was something else , not sure -- and shaolin soccer is way better than kung fu hustle :)

Just an tip for road trips with animals- all Motel 6s and most Red Roof Inns allow pets. Good luck with the move!!

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