5 things for which I am grateful


I am sick--something viral, I suspect--sick stomach, achy, headache. Plus we're moving in a week. Plus we have had yet another round of expensive home repair issues. So, in general, it hasn't been a good day.

However, I am trying to focus on the positive recently. Lots of folks have have been talking about that, around the blogosphere and elsewhere, and it is, I think, good advice.

So. Five Things for which I am grateful, today:

  1. English Premiere League starts tomorrow.

  2. Mark was kind enough to go out and get me some Sprite and saltines, so if I can ever keep them down, they are available.

  3. Huey's new foster came by tonight and said he's doing great.

  4. Leo and Ata played for a while today, together. This may be the first time ever that has happened.

  5. I can go sleep on a comfortable bed with high quality sheets as soon as I am done typing this.

I'll be damned. I do feel better. I definitely need to do this exercise more often.

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