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I was supposed to share with you all the great blogs I got turned on to at BlogHer! And I totally failed to do it. Sorry about that. Scattered brain.

These are the folks whose business cards I grabbed or whose names I scribbled down. The list is my no means inclusive--there were 1,400 people representing at least a jillion blogs there, y'all. But these are the ones I made it home with.

Academomia: I sat next to Becca on the flight to Chicago, with both of us wondering if the other was headed to BlogHer and neither of us having the nerve to ask. She has a really funny story about that flight and some Vagisil. You should read it.

Brimful Curiosities: Brimful Curiosities is a combo personal/children's books blog. The owner, whose name has totally eluded me and doesn't seem to be on the site, threw me a bone and came up and started talking to me when I was standing alone and awkward waiting for the doors to the People's Party to open. She is a lovely woman.

Citystreams: Cindy, the writer/photographer behind Citystreams, gave me her card when we chatted in the lobby on the first morning of BlogHer, mostly about swag and sessions and being overwhelmed, if I remember correctly. Check out her Photo Walk Through Chicago post for some cool photos--I especially like the one of the people doing aerobics. Gwen Bell kinda has the famous, so you probably already know her/her blog. I met her briefly at lunch the first day of the conference and she was super sweet and gave me a really cute sticker.

Jen Lee: I had the pleasure of chatting with Jen Lee for quite a while at the Shutter Sisters' party on Saturday night, and she is fantastic. She takes cool photographs using a great old-fashioned style turquoise camera (actually a replica of the original, she told me) and writes in a variety of places. She also gives really great journaling advice, which I'm trying to follow.

Karen Sugarpants: Karen Sugarpants writes a funny blog. I believe I was introduced to her by Suebob. My memory is hazy.

Kitchen Gadget Girl: Gudrun, the Kitchen Gadget Girl, is another lovely woman I met while outside the session rooms, searching for a outlet to charge my dead laptop. She writes a cooking/food blog and is an urban beekeeper, which is just so freakin cool.

MamaPop: Yeah, I know, everybody else was already reading MamaPop. I wasn't. My bad. Am now.

Miss Priss: Miss Priss Becky was my BlogHer roommate. She was a perfect roommate, even though I know she missed her kid like crazy. Thanks, Becky!

No Appropriate Behavior: Laura, who writes No Appropriate Behavior, was my friend Skye's roommate at BlogHer and part of the foursome with which I hung out much of the time. I am thrilled to have met her and digging the hell out of her funny blog. Due to some incompetence on the part of a restuarant I willl not name, she didn't have the best time at BlogHer.

Perks of Being Me: The woman who writes Perks of Being Me looks remarkably like Luna Lovegood. Also, she got a fantastic Little Prince tat while in Chicago. I had lunch with her on Saturday and very much enjoyed meeting her.

Prosaic Paradise: I met Kim at one of the two sessions I went to on Friday, but I can't remember which one. She was wearing a t-shirt that said "Ask Me About Girls Rock Camp," so I, of course, asked. Turns out it is just as cool as it sounds.

Jessica Gottlieb: I met Jessica when she gave me a bag of goodies from Sephora. If that doesn't make me want to be your best friend forever, nothing will. Turns out she also writes a really interesting mostly-mommy blog.

Somebody Heal Me: I exchanged cards with Diana Lee at another one of the sessions (again, no idea which). Her blog is largely about her suffering with migraines, something I don't blog about, but can relate to. I've not really read any "patient blogs" in the past, so I am very interested in what she does there.

State of Grace: Grace Davis is a force. She brought the house down with her Community Keynote reading, and I had the pleasure of having lunch with her and chatting her up on Saturday. We talked about speculums and Reed and terriers. It was all-around excellent.

Sweet n Sassy Girls: I admit it, I have no idea where this card came from. Maybe it was in one of the bags I picked up? It's a review and giveaway blog with corporate sponsorship. You can win free stuff. I like free stuff.

The Glamorous Life Association: I saw Marcy several times throughout the weekend, and remember her well from the Shutter Sisters party, where she wore cute T.J. Maxx jammies and communed with the ceiling. However, I don't actually remember getting her card. Maybe I picked it up off a table somewhere? Anyway, glad I did, because her blog is good stuff.

Unmitigated: I sat at a table with Unmitigated's author. She's a mother, but she's not a mommy blogger. She's also a member of MidLifeBloggers, which is totally worth reading as well.

What are you lookin' at? Frema is a newish mommy blogger and an old school "yada yadaist" who writes a quality personal blog.

What's That Smell? Kim and Lori are "accidental mommies," writing a mommy blog from the perspective of women who didn't really think they were motherhood material. I like it. I wish I could remember meeting one of them, though.

Writing Travel: I am pretty sure I met Lanora in the Shutter Sisters suite. She blogs about travel and posts new photos and descriptions every Wednesday.

Deb on the Rocks: Laurie White introduced me to Deb on the first night of the conference. Deb's recap post is the funniest one I've read. Also, her blog header is a work of genius.

Inverse Candlelight: I met Miss Banshee in the van on the way to the conference from the airport. It took a long time, so everybody got to know one another. I insulted her shoes, unwittingly (I couldn't SEE that she had Crocs on!). She's a good writer and a funny woman. I hope she forgives me. PooBou was another member of our long-ass airport-to-Hotel van ride. She's got a fantastic smile. She told a funny story about teaching her kid right and left using Dora Croc charms. When I got Dora Croc charms in my swag bag, I wanted to find her and give them to her. But that would have been dorky.

The Redheaded Lefty: Ashley was introduced to me a couple of times by Skye and Laura and Becky. She smiles just as manically as I do in photos. We're both homesick for our moms, and we're both socially phobic and spent a lot of the conference talking ourselves out of holing up in our rooms. So we've got a lot in common.

Whiskey in my Sippy Cup: Mr. Lady was, I think, the last person I met at BlogHer. It was Saturday night at the party sponsored by Baskin Robbins. I listened to her talk to Skye and Becky for like 20 minutes before anybody introduced me, but that was OK, because she's entertaining to listen to. And to read.

I Am Bossy: Bossy is funneh. Bossy is hot. Bossy takes great pictures. How is it that Grace just now found out about Bossy?

Mrs. Flinger: I didn't meet her, but I heard about her via Pioneer Woman (like, I suspect, a lot of people did). I'm staying however. The Costco-hate post has me hooked.

So there you have it. The new blogs I've added to my reader post-BlogHer. Hopefully one of them will strike your fancy as well.


And this is how I lose 3 hours on a Sunday morning! Thanks for all the links.

And you are added to mine. Although I don't know that I found the shirts at blogher offensive as much as just lame attempts at humor. I enjoy your writing!

Dude. I am SO SORRY we didn't introduce you right away to Mr. Lady. I think you were at first talking to Suebob and then I just totally forgot my manners. Roomie fail!

I was really afraid that I stayed up to late and was generally annoying. I totally appreciate you & Skye listening to me babble on Sat. nite. I know Skye was super tired, I was a little tipsy and DAMN I guess I needed to talk. A LOT. That's what happens when you are at home a lot and not around enough kickass girlfriends.

PS) You were a terrific roommate as well. Thank you.

Thank you so much! I still haven't completely processed my notes and business cards from the weekend! Very sad. I can't wait to check out the other folks you met that I may not have!

Did we meet in the Lifeblogging panel, or the Leadership panel? Well, I am sure it is somewhere in my notes!

great roundup! And you certainly got around :-)

Pleasure meeting you, wish we could have chatted longer. I was also up in the Shutter Sisters lounge, we could have traded stories!


Woot woot! to social phobia. And, yes, maniacal smiles are the key to managing strange new situations. Thanks for the shout out ;-).

I just noticed this incoming link to my site & saw this. So, hi! That wouldn't have been dorky at all if you gave me your Croc charms - seriously, I was like Queen of the Awkward Interactions at BlogHer, so no worries there. But in my swag bag, I got some boy-oriented Croc charms with dump trucks on them, so I totally would've taken yours. :-) (I gave mine to my 5 year-old boy neighbor. He was very excited.)

Great list. I'm glad for it - I was even more disorganized than usual this year. Glad to have spent so much time with you this time out.

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