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From: Me
To: Bodum USA
Date: March 28

To Whom It May Concern;

Several months ago (around Christmas), I purchased a double-walled glass Bodum Centeen carafe.

We have happily used this carafe multiple days per week since we bought it. We use it to store the coffee that is getting cold in our Bodum French press. We never pour boiling liquids into it, or even anything all that hot. It has only been carefully hand washed.

bodum carafe.jpgThis morning, I poured the extra coffee into it as usual. By the time I put it in the carafe, the coffee was cooled enough that it was drinkable to me, so far from boiling. I put it in the carafe and put the carafe down on the counter. Then, a moment later, the outer layer of the carafe exploded. It wasn't struck on anything, it just flew it pieces. I am attaching a photo so that you can see the damage.

Not only is this disappointing, as I paid at least $40 for this carafe, and have always purchased and been happy with Bodum products, but it is also really dangerous. It shattered into hundreds of tiny fragments. And it did so without any impact, which leads me to believe there must have been some weakness in the product.

I feel that with the price Bodum charges for its products the quality should be higher than it was here, and would appreciate a replacement carafe.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


From: Bodum
To: Me
Date: March 30

Hi. Grace

Thank you for your email. Sorry to hear what happend with your double wall carafe. Unfurtunally we sold out on this carafe we don't sell them anymore. What I can do is I can exchange it for you for something else, please visit our website and choose something from there and I will send it to you as no charge.


Bodum Person

From: Me
To: Bodum
Date: March 30

Thank you for your quick response!

It looks like the only thing currently available on your site that will fill the same need the carafe did is the stainless steel Bistro vacuum flask. If we could get that to replace our carafe, we would appreciate it.

Thank you,


From: Me
To: Bodum
Date: April 27


I am forwarding an email correspondence I had with one of your representatives, Bodum Person, about a month ago. I have not since heard anything, nor have I received anything in the mail. Can you please let me know the status of my replacement item?

Thank you,


From: Bodum
To: Me
Date: April 28

Hi. Grace

Unfurtunally I can't do anything because with out a receipt we can't do anything sorry.


Same Bodum Person

From: Me
To: Bodum
Date: April 28

Bodum Person,

Why was I originally told I would receive a replacement item, then? It is extremely unprofessional to have told me that and then stopped responding and sent nothing. I would like this exchange to be forwarded to your manager, please. I will expect response from him or her.


There are several things wrong with this transaction. The first issue, obviously, is that Bodum's product was defective. There was no reason a double-walled glass carafe should explode with no impact and without being filled with a very hot or very cold liquid.

Secondly, Bodum isn't standing behind their product. A reputable company will go out of their way to compensate for or replace a defective product. Bodum is refusing to do so.

Thirdly, I was led on in my exchange with Bodum's customer service representative. Upon receiving her first email, I was told my carafe would be replaced--not with another carafe, since they are no longer made, but with another product.

Fourth, when replacing my carafe turned out not to be the policy, Bodum not only didn't make good on their word, they didn't even contact me to tell me they weren't going to send a replacement. I waited nearly two months, then sent them another email myself before I found out that I was not going to be compensated.

Lastly, the grammar and spelling in the emails from Bodums' representative is atrocious and her language is unprofessional.

As anybody who reads WINOW often knows, I love to tell my readers about companies and products I love. I do it all the time. But I am as willing to tell you all about bad companies as I am about good ones, and, at least in this instance, Bodum is a bad company. Bad enough that even though I generally really like their products (I'm on my third French press), I won't purchase anything from them again. Just as I respect companies who have quality products, stand behind their merchandise, and have good customer service, I disrespect companies that have poor quality, don't stand behind their products, or have this type of poor service.

It has been made clear lately, over and over, that one of the many things the advent and popularity of blogging has done is give consumers more power. Bloggers are being begged and even paid to review products every day. Word of mouth has always been important, but now, rather than just telling all my friends and family about Bodum, I can tell the few thousand people a month who visit me here as well. And if they have any sense of what that scope of word of mouth could mean to them, they ought to feel pretty stupid for not just replacing my carafe.


I am going to email them too.

Ack. This raises my blood pressure just reading it, and it's not even my carafe.

I'm about the nicest, most patient customer ever, but I've really had it with this kind of thing.

I won't buy Bodum, either, to stand in solidarity with you! :)

Wow. Totally unprofessional.

i did online customer service for a (phone) company & i know that policies differ in responses, but that totally would not fly with just the atrocious grammar/spelling. we were constantly checked at random & "graded" on our responses.
sorry that bodum has become such a disappointment & hope you get some resolution.

My experience with Bodum is only positive! Great customer service, Great products and Great value - I think you are being over sensitive here.

How can you expect to get a replacement or money back without a receipt? that's normal procedure most places - It has nothing to do with not standing behind their products. This is my Bodum unshatterable beaker. Weeks have gone by and still no word from their cust. serv. #bodum #fail

I have just purchased my 2nd Bodum toaster.
And like the first one it is not toating properly.
I have the control dial on 6 {the highest number & the
toast pop's up a medium golden brown.
To get it darker I have to re toast it.
This was the same problem with the first toaster.
For a $100 item I expected a much superior performance.

Arlyn One dissatisfied customer

I still never got a response from Bodum. I have bought three french presses since. 2 for me and 1 for my mom. None of them were Bodum. I tell everyone to stay away.

When on holiday in Sydney last year I bought my grandson a BODUM battery powered salt and pepper dispenser,
My grandson enjoys cooking,I thought this would be a fun impliment for him to use.
On return to Australia this year my grandson [18] said,"the Bodum SnP was rubbish, it never worked! I tried different batteries but no luck, also I cannot use it with out batteries so it has been no good for anything.
I wrote a letter to Bodum but received no reply!!
I know this is only a small item, butI did expect it to work.
Annoyed grandmother.

I have the same issue except I have not had a response and I even emailed them my receipt... no contact whatsoever after the initial phone conversation in which I was told I would have my travel presses replaced and my email that should've met their policy standards per our conversation...I will not be buying from them anymore. If they cannot stand behind their products then I won't waste my $ on them then. I had 3 of their travel french presses melt. Poor customer service and falling through their cracks

I put some coke from the fridge in my bodum cup, and it exploded internally.

Bodum would not reply to my emails, their products are just garbage.

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