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Big exciting housekeeping annoucement on WINOW today! I'm starting a new, seperate blog for review and giveaways. There are two reasons for this. The first is that, due to the (reasonable and understandable) rules of the BlogHer Ad Network, I am not allowed to review or give away products worth more than $40 that have been given to me on the same page as my ads. This means that in order to do those reviews or give aways, I need an ad-free page. Secondly, some of the folks who read WINOW just simply aren't interested in my need to review every damn thing I come across. I love reviews--like reading them, like wriitng them. Other people feel differently, and I don't want to bog down this space with lots of reviews if folks aren't interested.

So, a new blog. The URL is It looks just like this blog, except for no ads, Nothing new to get used to there. Please add it to your feedreader, or your bookmarks, or whatever.

To make sure I don't miss anybody, though, I am also going to post teasers to the posts I make there on this site, at least for a bit. So you can look for those as well.

I hope you'll enjoy this new venture as much as I plan to!

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