Polyvore: Funnest Internet toy evah.


Am I the last person on Earth to learn about Polyvore? Just in case I'm not, I have to tell you about it. It's the best online toy I have found in forever. It is all loaded up with items of clothing, accessories, and beauty products, and you pick them and put them into sets. What you end up with is something that reminds me of the style board things on How Do I Look? (my favorite makeover show, though I prefered it when Anna Devane from General Hospital was the hostess).

The items are everything from high-end designer stuff to Old Navy and Wet Seal, and mixing and matching those is fun. You can filter things by type and color and cost, and the combinations you can put together are endless. Maybe this is to femme for most of my readers, but I have to say, it's like online paper dolls. I love it.

And of course I've been putting together looks for myself.

Grace 1

Think I could pull this one off?

It also helps to explain things. You know that sleek vintage look I was hoping to be able to wear to the wedding? In my mind, it would be something along these lines:

Grace forrmal

Is that what you were picturing?

You can also explore the collages made by other people, which is good fun. There is a forum, and there is a way to add items to the choices, although I haven't quite gotten that far yet. Since I really do think I'm a late adopter on this one, I won't bore you with any more details, but just in case you didn't already know about, now you do. Enjoy!


Sounds like fun! I haven't played with it, but I noticed it on the board before. I may have to check it out.

That dress is gorgeous!!!! I don't look good in long dresses because I look too short. Sigh, but I love long sleek dresses.

OMG, I could spend days on that site. It's not good for my budget or to-do list but oh look at all the pretty stuff! I love the "Top Sets". WOW!

Well I'd never heard about it, but I'm kooky like that :)

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