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One thing I am really excited about in our new house is having my own office/craft space. It's going to contain my desk and work stuff, as well as a large set of metal shelves to hold all my craft stuff, and possibly another small table for collage, if I can find one. The walls are off-white, and I'm not going to paint them. What I do want to do, however, is buy some art for the walls. Stuff I'll find inspirational and fun. So I've been browsing Etsy. Want to see what I've found?

This multi-media tree collage by Carambatack Design is, I think, something I've shown you before, but I just love it. It's the right mix of smart and creative and fun. The other work in the shop is great as well--especially the other trees. Wouldn't a whole series of them be great?

vast and amazing print.jpgAnother direction to go would be the great prints in the Freya Art & Design shop. There isn't one of them I'd turn down, but I think my favorite is "Vast and Amazing." I love the colors and the movement. And the fish. Again, wouldn't it be great to have a few of these, all grouped together?

I love the multi-media stuff. The Artful Apple has another series I adore. My favorite is "Perk." Wouldn't it look fantastic with "Relax" and "Sip"? Most of the rest of them are a bit too culinary for office decor, but I still really like them. Did you notice how they are collaged on to old cookbook pages?

I've been after Jen Skelley's exotic bird gocco prints for ages, and they're on sale, buy two and get one free! I think I'd choose "Mina" (shown here); "Spike," and "Waverly."

Still whimsical, but a bit darker, I love the work at The Black Apple. The Alice in Wonderland print set it awesome, but I think I'd have to go with the Books Print. And the Terrarium Print. And I love the Alphabet Print. You are My Needles and Pins, shown here, is probably my all-time favorite, though.

So, what do you think? What direction should I go?


Have you checked out Trish Grantham's stuff? It seems like it's in the realm of style you'd like.

I bought this print for my office from felizswhimsy on Etsy. It's really gorgeous, very professionally done. It doesn't look like she has anything up for sale right now, but here is some more of her work. Maybe she would respond to email requests if you like any of her work.

I like Alice in Wonderland or the first set of tree prints.

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