Thrifting it up Virginia style


As I get my bearings in our new home, there is one important thing I have to do. Find the thrift stores. And once I find them, I'll be reviewing them here, just like I did in Austin. Right now, though, I don't have time to go out and explore much, since I'm still unpacking, and I wouldn't want to bring any new treasures in anyway, since they'd just get lost in the mess. So, step one is making a list of possible candidates.

A Google search led me to this Guide to Thrift Store Shopping in Northern Virginia. Gleaning it, I'm thinking a trip to Falls Church to visit Unique, the "granddaddy of all thrift stores," is in order. I'll probably also need to head over to Purcelville to visit the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop.

The Goodwill, so long my standard, go-to store, doesn't have a huge presence here. There is one fairly close by, in Sterling, which I will definitely check out. The next closest is in Falls Church, so I'll stop by there when I got to Unique. The rest, though, are all more than 15 miles away, so they aren't likely to be weekly outings the way they have been in the past.

The Clock Tower Thrift Shops benefiting Northern Virginia Family Service might be promising, and there are two of those in Falls Church and one in Centerville, so I'm adding those to the list.

Right now, that is, sadly, the entire list, with the exception of a store I spied on the way to Mark's new job that I will stop by as soon as I get the chance. I'm sure there are more, and finding them is part of the fun. I'll keep you updated.


I am a thrift shop fanatic. And I used to find even better stuff before eBay!

Sounds wonderful! I'll be doing the same soon and I can't wait!!!

Wow, I can't wait to hear more thrift store stories. You always seem to find the best stuff.

Hello! Boy, have I got some thrift stores for you.

Fair warning though, they are all in Maryland. I know that when people first move here they feel like everything is really far away from each other. I know when I first moved to NoVA I felt like suburban MD was another planet. It's not that bad, really.

In Laurel we have three big ones that people like to hit: Laurel Thrift (on rt1), Village Thrift (on 198), and if you are still bereft, the Salvation Army a little further north.

That is a start. Let me know if you want to take a tour!

Once you go to one thrift store, you can ask around there. Birds of a feather...People love to talk about their "finds."

Thanks for linking to information about Northern Virginia Family Service's Clock Tower Thrift Shops on your blog. We hope you were able to stop by and find some good bargains. Proceeds from the Clock Tower Thrift Shops go to support our work serving over 20,000 people annually. These services include workforce development, Head Start programs, Special Foster Care, counseling, eviction prevention, and much more.

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