Love Thursday: The Feline Edition


IllyI'm so focused on my dogs, it's probably easy for WINOW readers to forget that we have cats. If I'm being honest, sometimes I forget myself. Cats are such self-confident creatures, so much less needy than dogs. I'm not proud of it, but because my cats demand so much less of me than my dogs (or now, dog), I do sometimes overlook them.

Lately, though, I've been so glad to have them. All three cats, though Atticus in particular, have been particularly loving and helpful since Leo died. Atticus often spends all day on the couch with me as I work, and Illy sleeps with us most nights. Esme remains reserved, but she's more present than she used to be for sure. They may not need us, but they know we need them, and they're doing their best to help us through. I love them for that.


I'm betting they miss Leo, too, so they are getting as much comfort from you as you are from them. Animals are amazing sometimes.

I just caught up on your blog and read about Leo. So sorry.

Is Illy a ragdoll/mix? Such a pretty cat!

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