Best tea of 2009


I've been reading answers to the prompts from Gwen Bell's Best of 2009 Blog Challenge, but up until today, I haven't taken the time to answer one myself. For some reason, though, her question from yesterday, and particularly her response to that question, sparked my interest.

What's your favorite tea?

I've gotten into tea, surprisingly, over these past few months. For me, like for Gwen, it's both the beverage and the ritual. And there are two teas that jump out at me as best of the year:

Adagio Irish Breakfast: with a little whole milk and a little honey, the perfect morning tea. I even place my very beloved coffee with this some days. Other days, I have it in the afternoon, with cookies.

Numi Lavender Delight Flowering Tea: I picked this up at Marshall's or somewhere, because I love flowering tea, if only for the magical way it unfurls and fills the little glass pot. It's a white tea with hibiscus and lavender, and it's perfect before bed. The taste is very mild, and the experience is very tranquil.

Anybody else want to have a go at this one? What tea should I not miss in 2010? I have "fancy tea" on my Christmas list, so if anything cool shows up in my stocking, I'll let you know.


I'll have to check out that lavender one!

i love blue eyes tea--it's cornflowers i think that make it blue. but it tastes like berry berry kix. :)

I like jasmine tea sometimes in the deep winter, because it smells so springy.

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