I have to get back into the habit of blogging. I want to be writing here on a daily or near-daily basis, both for myself and to try to regain the rather large chunk of readership I seem to have lost while on NaNo hiatus (and before that when I was just flaking for no real reason). The trouble is that I only think of it once I am already in bed. Both last night and tonight I had to get up from my warm and comfortable bed to blog. Which is not the habit I want to get into.

Habit is a weird thing. Mark is a great creature of habit--he likes routine, knowing what is going to happen when. I am, most of the time, the opposite. I tend not to do things the same way every time, or do them just because I've always done them. There is definitely good in this--it's easier not to get stuck in a rut when you're not dependent on habits. However, there's also a lot of bad in it--it's hard to keep to things when you have trouble developing them as habits.

Supposedly, it takes six weeks to make or break a habit. I don't buy that, or at least don't buy it as universal. For example, I'm a nail-biter. I've been a nail-biter my entire life. Several times, I have successfully stopped biting my nails, often for more than six weeks at a go. And, several times, I have started again.

Writing here is the same way. I've written daily or near-daily for months at a stretch, then fallen off to writing sporadically at best. Sometimes, it has to do with whatever else is going on in my life, but often, it's more a matter of what I feel like doing. Even when I'm writing daily, it never really becomes habitual--it's something I have to remind myself to do and make time for.

So, if you are someone like me, who doesn't establish routine easily, how do you go about getting yourself into a good groove? How do you reinforce things in your day-to-day life that you want to stick as habits? Is it even worth trying to do?


I'm kind of in the middle on this. I like routine but sometimes it's hard for me to stick with things I know longer feel passionate about.

Maybe you could make a list for all the reasons you feel this is a good habit/practice and put it somewhere you'll see it.

You can also look at it as part of your job. You have to do certain tasks at work, maybe you could add this one in.

With that say I also think it has to be something you feel compelled to do, especially with creative things like blogging and writing.

Good luck, Grace. I for one am glad to see you blogging a little more.

I have a similar lack of routine in most things as well....(examples of my long-term ?needless? battles are getting up early, and yes, nail biting). My compromise solution is making monthly goals. I can often stick with anything for a month (no fast food, no nail-biting, no TV before bed, whatever). If it was important I can commit to another month. If I need a break from that "routine" or "habit" I don't renew that vow. So you reprioritized blogging for a month to make room for your novel. No problem and congrats on finishing.

I am an either/or person. When I am at home, I am a creature of habit. But when I travel, I am totally open to doing completely different things. Maybe this is why I like to travel so much.

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