2010, you'd better treat my people right

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I've been slowly catching up on the 2K or so posts in my Google reader, and there is a common theme I keep running into, in posts from IRL friends, online friends, acquaintances, and folks I don't know at all:

2009 sucked.

Almost without exception, 2009 was brutal. A lot of people lost friend and family members. Even more lost jobs. Several suffered ill health ranging from the consistently annoying to the actually life-threatening. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did.

So I'm gonna put this out here right now: 2010, you'd better be nice to the folks I love (and those I like, and those I don't know at all). You'd better bring health, wealth, happiness, good food, nice vacations, cute babies, lazy Sundays, hot showers, great sex, and whatever the hell else will wash the bitter taste of 2009 out of the mouths of my peeps.

If you don't, I am so gonna kick your ass into 2011.


A-freaking-men. I've never been so happy to see a year out as '09. It sucked in so many ways. 2010 will be better. It has to, it simply MUST!!

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