Yet more thrifting in the 'burbs

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Now that I've had a bit of thrifting luck, I'm itching to keep going. So, yesterday, I gave a couple of local stores another shot, then headed south to a store I'd heard good things about in Centreville. This is how it went down:

I hit The Closet in historic downtown Herndon first, making sure I was there early enough to look through the entire jam-packed store before they closed at 2pm. The store was wall-to-wall people; you couldn't get around in it at all without bumping into people, which I hate. That said, the stock didn't disappoint. I picked up two pairs of jeans for myself, one from The Gap, one from American Eagle (and a size 16 long is not something you see in thrift stores often), for $4.50 each; a set of brand new cloth napkins for I think $2; four new-in-case stamp sets from A Stamp in the Hand, all with their original $22 price tags on them, for $2 each; and a new in the box Bodum French press (I break them so often I like to have a spare around) for $5. I had a bit of a tense moment at checkout when I realized The Closet is a cash-only establishment (yes, turns out those do still exist), but they kindly held my purchases while I went to the ATM, so it all turned out fine.

Next, I hit Herdon-Reston Bargain Loft. When I went there before, I though that I might well make some discoveries on another trip, and I did. I got four nice martini glasses (the one kind of classic bar ware we were missing) for $1 each; a Williams & Sonoma tea pot with a strainer (something Mark has been asking me to find for him) for $7; and a little antipasta plate that I thought was cute for $.50. One thing I saw that I have no need for personally but would be a good find is a new-in-the-box Senseo machine for $30. Looks like retail on it is about $70, so that's a decent deal. I also have to note that the women who were working in the store were exceptionally nice and wrapped my martini glasses really carefully so they wouldn't break, which I appreciate.

Next, I hit the Herndon Salvation Army. I didn't buy anything there, but I did notice that the have some very nice furniture. I spent several minutes lusting over a mid-century dresser that I knew Mark would hate (I wish we didn't have such opposite tastes!). It was marked $79, but completely worth it--it was in great shape, with the drawers all going in and out smoothly, and hadn't ever been refinished. I'm still kicking myself a little bit for not going for it.

Lastly, I headed down to the Clock Tower Thrift Store in Centreville (6031 Centreville Crest Lane, Centreville). This store isn't quite as exciting, I didn't think, as the Clock Tower in Falls Church. It's a bit smaller and doesn't have quite as good a collection. That said, I did score a silk and cashmere Ann Taylor wrap sweater for $6, and a set of never-used Vera napkins for $1.50. I haven't decided whether to keep the napkins or put them up on Etsy--I kind of like them, but Mark hates them, and I know there are collectors of Vera's table linens all over the place.

All in all, another good day. I'm completely energized now. My next trip will probably up to Leesburg, where there seem to be about five stores within a three block radius, and then on to the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shops in Purcelville and Berryville. I don't know if I have any local WINOW readers, but if I do, please leave me a comment and tell me your favorite thrift spots! I can't wait to check out all the rest of the options.


I think you did pretty well!

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