Everybody hurts sometimes (or, cats grieve too)


Never let it be said that cats and dogs don't have feelings for each other, and don't miss each other when they are apart.

On our mantle, we have two sets of photographs, leashes, and collars. One is Chance's, one is Leo's.

Atticus is only interested in one of them.


Awww. Poor Atticus. He loved his Leo.

Awww! Poor baby misses his buddy!

I don't know if you remember the comment I posted on oct 29th but basically I was desperate to find a good home for my two dogs and I thought that home was yours. I am happy to tell you I was wrong... they were in the right home all along. We kept them and everybody is adjusted and happy. Thanks for letting me vent on your blog that night. I really needed a space in the universe to put that out there.

Mike (you don't know me) from Cleveland Hts. oh

awwww...that's sweet and sad all wrapped up into one bundle. :(

That is too sweet. Sniffles.

I don't think I've ever seen anything so sweet. When I lost my poodle, one of my dachshunds looked for her for two weeks. Broke my heart.

Oh my goodness. That's too much cute/sad all in one photo set. Poor sweet kitty.

Oh my, I'm sitting here crying...

This is so totally: 'I can smellz you, but where is you?'

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