2010 Goals Check-In #2


I can't believe another month has gone by without my hardly noticing. Seriously, February has just been a snowy blur. And I'm afraid I haven't made much progress at all on my 2010 goals, but today is the first, so I'm going to do my check-in.

1. Take at least one overseas trip.
Still stalled here. Mark and I have talked about it a bit, but spring is practically upon us, and we haven't made any plans at all. Definitely need to focus here in March.

2. Read 30 books.
I've read four and have three in progress. To get to 30, I need to get through 2.5 I month, so I'm still doing OK here, but need to get going a little bit more quickly. It would probably help if I stopped watching so much TV.

3. Get to a healthy size.
I'm about where I was last month on this. Or even a bit behind that, since the weather has kept me inside for a lot of February. Re-focusing here in March, too.

4. Save $500/month.
Still good here.

5. Give 5%.
Good here, too.

6. Start retirement savings.

7. Join something.
No progress yet. Not gonna worry about this one quite yet, though, since I'm busy with work stuff right now.

8. Write a novel.
See above--this one is on-hold until a bit later in the year.

9. Create something.
Still fits and starts. I'm working on printing some kitchen towels for a swap (and, as of tomorrow, they're late!). So I guess I'm doing OK here.

10. Remember birthdays and send cards.
I totally fell down on this one this month. I suck. And this coming week is my grandma's birthday, too. Gotta get back on this.

As I thought, February hasn't been a good month for goals. Hopefully I'll have something more positive to report next month.

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