Spring Wardrobe Therapy Opening Questionaire

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I got this from Unmitigated, who got it from Spring Wardrobe Therapy at The Sky is Bigger There. I'm enthused about the project. The ground rules are here. Given my inability to stick with anything lately, I have no idea if I'm in for the long run, but I thought I'd at least give the opening questions a try.

joan.jpgThinking primarily (but not necessarily exclusively) about looks, who's your favorite performer of your own gender and species? Why?

I don't tend to pay a whole lot of attention to celebrity fashion or anything like that, so when I think "performer," what really comes to mind is character. So I'm going to go with that and say Joan, Christina Hendricks' character on Mad Men. She is so pulled together, and her body is her biggest and best accessory. She oozes confidence. I love her look.

40s clothes.jpgIf you could live in any historic era with a really good clothing budget (as well as soap, toothpaste, and delicing as needed), when would you choose?

Definitely the 40s and early 50s. I love the structured look of the dresses, the curvy shapes, and the attention to small details.

What's your favorite painting or other form of visual art? Why?

There is no way I can pick just one. I love collage and multi-media art. I love graphic abstract painting. I love Surrealists. I love Frida Kahlo.

What is your first memory in which clothes are important?

I don't remember a time in which clothes weren't important, but my first memory of being really concerned about clothes is as a small kid, maybe 4(?). I insisted on dresses and sunbonnets because I wanted to look like I would be at home on Little House on the Prairie.

What is your favorite garment ever? Why?

Once upon a time, I had perfect jeans. I don't even remember details about then, I just remember thinking they were perfect, and wearing them to shreds.

158409TMO1R.jpgWhat is your favorite garment in your wardrobe right now?

I recently got brown Franco Sarto Moto boots that I can't stop wearing. Love them.

What is the worst clothing purchase you can remember making?

I made bad clothing purchases all the time. The worst is when I try to follow trends or styles that just don't work for me, though. Every time I try to dress conservatively it ends up being a pretty huge disaster.

What's your most embarrassing clothing-related memory other than a bad purchase?

I walked at least a mile through a city one day with the back of my dress tucked into my underwear.

What body part (no more than three!) are you proud of and expect compliments on?

I don't know that I expect compliments, but I have a nice back, a nice collarbone/upper chest area, and long legs.

What body part (again, no more than three!) seems to require management, if not coaxing, cajoling, and sometimes outright begging if it's to please you?

My big feet, large arms, and height.

If you could dress however you wanted all the time, what might you include?

Lots more dresses and tights or leggings. Jeans that fit just right. Boots, boots, boots.

If you could shop at any store (or from any designer), which would you choose?

I'd shop 100% vintage and handmade stuff, if time/money/size allowed.

Where do you ordinarily shop now?

I mostly thrift, but I end up with a lot of Ann Taylor.

What clothing, accessory, or prettifying need (if any) do you enjoy shopping for?

Pretty much all of it.

Which one do you most loathe shopping for?

Bra shopping bugs me. Shoe shopping, if I can't do it online, is frustrating.

Do you consider yourself low-, medium-, or high-maintenance?


What are the two most frequent occasions that you dress for and how would you describe them?

If I don't include being at home, which I don't really dress for, I mostly dress to go out casually (movies, dinner, etc.) and to do errands.

Wonder Woman 2What was your favorite Hallowe'en costume ever?

Wonder Woman.

What do you see as the current problem(s) with your wardrobe and/or look?

Boredom. Having clothes that I have no reason to wear.

At the end of WT, what lovely compliments do you want onlookers to give you?

I'd basically just like to be comfortable in my wardrobe, and feel like it's original and well-executed.


If I were there, or you were here, we'd be thrifting buddies. I even like to stop for coffees.

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