Life List (in progress)


For a couple of months, I've been reading along as Karen Walrdond works on her Life List. As someone who is already really into goals and the importance of writing them down, I've always wanted to make one myself, but never actually done it. So, yesterday, I started.

I'm not finished. This list should have at least 100 things on it. But this is a start, and I'll amend it as I think of more.

Do it. You'll feel better.

  1. Skydive.
  2. See a Klimt painting in Austria.
  3. Sit for a portrait.
  4. Run a dog rescue.
  5. Be someone's mother.
  6. Write a novel I'd want to publish.
  7. Visit Freida Kahlo's house in Mexico City.
  8. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  9. Do a major art installation project.
  10. See the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum in all four seasons.
  11. Throw a wine-tasting party.
  12. Go to a barn-raising.
  13. Learn a new sport.
  14. Attend an artistic or spiritual retreat.
  15. Be a godparent.
  16. Speak at my alma mater.
  17. Visit the Elephant Sanctuary.
  18. Get a Ph.D.
  19. Volunteer for disaster relief.
  20. Have a rose garden.
  21. See the Northern Lights.
  22. Sail on a sailboat.
  23. Teach someone to read.
  24. Eat 100 local foods in the regions to which they are local.
  25. Tuck my hair into my waistband.
  26. Go on a trip with my mother.
  27. Organize a major charity event.
  28. Work with a dog visiting elderly hospital/hospice patients.
  29. Throw a surprise party.
  30. Have a dress custom made.
  31. Got to a dog show.
  32. Attend the birth of a child.
  33. Visit the sites of 5 revolutions.
  34. Have a cocktail named after me.
  35. Ride a motorcycle.
  36. Stay overnight at the Chelsea Hotel.
  37. Visit Rogue brewery.
  38. Observe the Supreme Court.
  39. Be in a movie.
  40. See the sun rise in Spain.
  41. Drive an American muscle car.
  42. Go zip lining in Costa Rica.
  43. Have a beignet in the French Quarter.
  44. Take Mark to Crater Lake.
  45. Attend an EPL football game.
  46. Write a collection of short stories based on the old women I've known/heard stories about.
  47. Stomp grapes.
  48. Take a road trip alone.
  49. Attend the Sundance Film Festival.
  50. Host a big family holiday celebration.
  51. Write a song.
  52. Have a non-canine or feline pet.
  53. Publish an article in a national circulation magazine.
  54. Plant a tree and watch it grow.
  55. Embroider or cross-stitch a sampler.
  56. Collect over 100 bottles of wine.
  57. See an animal being born.
  58. Visit Jim Morrison's grave in Paris.
  59. Do 108 sun salutations for Globa Mala.
  60. Take a trip by train.
  61. Learn to make doughnuts as amazing as my mom's.
  62. Go to thrift stores in/around every major U.S. city.


Love it, Grace. I'd meet you in the French Quarter anytime! Well...until I move, that is. :)

These are amazing! I hope you don't mind, but I stole a few of your ideas. I love, LOVE this idea. I started one, too, a while back and haven't finished it yet. I call it my "Can Too List." :) Neat!

Hm. Is it weird that I don't have lots of goals like this? There are very few specific things that I have in mind...more like general concepts that I'd like to achieve. I guess I could come up with things that represent those concepts, but the list that starts to come to mind feels empty to me. Interesting! Thanks for posting this.

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