Treasure Map


Do any of you do treasure maps? It's a bit woo, I'll admit, and I definitely have issues with a lot of the Secret-esque "power of positive visualization" crap behind it. That said, I believe in setting goals (obviously) and I like the idea of visual representations of what you want for your life. So, last year, I made a treasure map.

Last year's map:
Treasure map

I'm not sure how much it "worked." Some of what that map shows came to fruition, some didn't, some is still in progress. I'm amused to see a woman working out with a Wii on the map--I had forgotten that I included that, and I've been using my new Wii every day since I got it. There's also a clipping showing a woman working from home, which I've been doing since September. Other things--learning to knit, selling my bath products--haven't happened and likely won't (they don't reappear on this year's map). Looking at it, I feel an overall sense of progress and growth, which has to be at least part of the point. So, this year, I did it again.

This year's map:
Treasure map

I'm not going to go through every picture or word included, but some things that the clippings I chose for my map make clear are that I want another dog (possibly a German Shepherd), I want to read and write, I want to work on my physical health and strength, and I have fears I want to conquer. These are all worth while things to focus on. I plan to hang the map in my office/walk-in closet, where I will see it every day.

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