Who, me, late adopter?


I'll admit to being a late adopter. I didn't get a cell phone until 2002. My iPhone is two models old, even though I've had it less than a year. I resisted iPods forever and never moved beyond the original Nano. I don't know how to download music or watch television online (not anywhere but Hulu, anyway). It took me until it had been off the air nearly 10 years to watch Buffy. I never really like things until everyone else it completely over them. And I have always been completely anti-video game. The last one I remember playing with any enthusiasm was a Pac-Man game that took quarters to start, and I believe I had to stand on a stool to see it at the time.

But this week, the skies opened and I saw the light. The Wii light.

Seriously, y'all, I love it. I am embarrassed to admit it, and even more embarrassed to admit it like three years later than everyone else, but I love it. Bowling, golf, tennis, boxing (especially boxing), yoga, balance games, aerobics--I like it all. The game where I make combinations of numbers adding up to ten by thrusting my hips in their direction? Brilliant.

I think part of what I dig about it is that it allows me to do things that I am truly not coordinated enough to do in the real world, like hula hoop. I've always wanted to be able to hula hoop, and the Wii shows my little avatar swinging three at a time! And actual boxing might require me to feel actual pain, or even cause it in someone else, but I can beat the crap out of my animated opponent and feel no guilt.

Do I think it's going to solve all my exercise problems and magically remove 20 pounds from my ass and thighs? Not very damn likely. However, I do like that it has a feature that allows me to weigh my pets and track their weights. How incredibly odd to have added that! And though I think it's ideas about my "real" age (45) and BMI (solidly overweight) are bullshit, I enjoy the obsessive tracking of not only weight, but balance tests, that it engenders. I do so like to track things.

It is quite possible that my loving-bordering-on-romantic feelings for my Wii were jump-started by my realization, upon first getting on the Wii balance board scale, that my scale is, and has been since we moved, almost 15 lbs heavy. Nothing like magically removing 15 pounds from my self image to get me on your side. I suspect, though, that it's a bit more than that--the damn thing is just entertaining. It's fun for me by myself, though I hesitate to call it an actual exercise tool, and it's fun for Mark and I (so far we only have one controller, so we can only play golf and bowling competitively), and it's fun with friends. I'm interested in what other games I can get and what else it can do (I totally want a dancing game). I, God help me, see what all the hype was about.


You would love Just Dance. The music is so fun, and you can dance with 3 friends if everyone has a wii-mote. Seriously, we love it. (And click through my blog to give 4% to Heifer International!)

My DD's favorite is the hip thrusting game too.

Have you actually managed to get Mark to play without sitting on the couch?

I still can't believe that Mark, sitting on his ass, did better than me at golf. Oh the indignity of it all!

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