Thumbnail image for HappyHousewife.jpgToday was another busy day, working towards our big exciting weekend project. Though we made a ton of progress, we're still not quite ready for our close up, so I can't show you the whole thing. What I can show you, thought, is a little piece of the project, which was completed today.

This wrought-iron table and chairs set has been with Mark and I for quite a number of years now. We bought it at the Salvation Army right after we moved to Austin. Our first rental there had a sun room, where this set first lived. When we moved into the house we bought, we put it out in our front courtyard. Then we moved it with us across the country. In this house, it has lived on the deck. We failed to put it (or anything else) away for the winter, and it lived for several weeks under a five foot bank of snow.

Needless to say, the set didn't come out of all that looking so great. It was never really intended to be outdoor furniture in the first place. The chair seats were upholstered with what I think was remnant satin (I did that when we first got them, their previous incarnation was some sort of faux Native American woven thing). The finish was not rust-proof. They looked pretty rough. It was time to give them new life.

So, the first thing we did was drag all three pieces out into the sun, remove the glass top from the table, and scrub everything down. Mark used a fine steel bristle brush to scrub the rust off, then I scrubbed everything down with soap and water. After it was all dry, I applied the first of four coats of RustOleum Multi-Purpose High Gloss spray paint, in Apple Red.

In between paint coats, Mark and I tackled the seats. The wooden chair bottoms were partially rotted from being outside unprotected for so long, so Mark used the jigsaw to cut out two new bottoms out of a piece of scrap MDF found in our garage. Then, he cut (I don't cut things all that well) two pieces of Poly-Fil Nu-Foam the same size as the chair bottoms. Finally, I used Waverly Sun N Shade Outdoor fabric to reupholster the seats.

After everything dried and I washed and re-installed the glass table top, we ended up with this:

Huge improvement, isn't it?

This was a great project because it was high-reward for not a ton of work or money. It took maybe three hours total (not counting time waiting for paint to dry, obviously). The cost breakdown was something like:
4 cans of spray paint at $3 = $12
2 sheets Nu-Foam at $5 = $10
.75 yards fabric at $8/yard = $6
= $30

Hopefully tomorrow, I will get to show you the results of our weekend's work in its completion. In the meantime, I hope you're having as productive a weekend as we are!


I really like the red. And the colors in the other post are really fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Those look great!! I love the red. It reminds me of your old kitchen :)

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