Thumbnail image for HappyHousewife.jpgI'm afraid I don't have the pictures I promised this evening--life interceded and we didn't finish our Big Project until after it was already too dark (and now, about to storm) to photograph. So you're going to have to wait another day or so to see the finished project.

I do have a pictorial essay on another of our weekend projects, though. This one was really all Mark, I was just the photographer.

If you are grossed out by large chunks of meat, you may wanna skip this post.

Step 1: Buy the brisket. We bought ours at the very cool Organic Butcher of Mclean. Raw, it weighed 13.5 lbs.

Step 2: Give the brisket a dry rub. Mark's dry rub was comprised of sea salt, black pepper, dried wild Mexican oregano, smoked Spanish paprika, Marash pepper flakes, dried fennel pollen, and blackening spice.


After it's coated, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and stow it in the fridge overnight.

Step 3: Start up your smoker (ours is a Big Green Egg) and stock it with hardwood charcoal and chips for the smoke (we used apple wood chips). Toss on the brisket.

Step 4: Smoke it for about 18 hours. Start at about 240 degrees for a couple of hours and then go down to about 200-220. The idea here is a long, slow smoke over low heat. Check it intermittently and remark on how great it smells.

Step 5: After it has been removed from the heat and rested for several hours, wrap it up in some foil and put it in the fridge until time for dinner.

Step 6: When cutting into it, stop to admire the amazing smoke ring you have created.

Step 7: Nom. Best served with potato salad and beer, followed up with blueberry cobbler. Trust me.

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