2010 Goals Check-In #4


Dude. I totally forgot to do my goals check-in on the first day of May. Got distracted by the Happy Housewife project. Oh well, better late than never.

Here's where I'm at:

1. Take at least one overseas trip.
Still stalled. Summer is now out and we're hoping for fall.

2. Read 30 books.
I am at 11 read and 3 in progress. This is a big improvement over where I was last month, mostly due to audio books and vintage housekeeping books. I'll take it.

3. Get to a healthy size.
The big news here isn't size so much as fitness. My size remains more or less the same, but I am consistently walking and doing the Wii circuit thing 5 days/week. My diet continues to suck, but at least I am moving in the right direction.

4. Save $500/month.
Still on top of this one.

5. Give 5%.
Good here, too.

6. Start retirement savings.
Haven't put anything in for 2010 yet, but I have time and some big freelance checks on the horizon.

7. Join something.
Still nope.

8. Write a novel.
Still writing non-novel fiction, and am happy doing it, at this point. I'm also happy to be doing this big blog project, so no complaints here.

9. Create something.
Still not inspired on this one.

10. Remember birthdays and send cards.
Doing better, but not well. I seem to have a real problem getting things in the mail. I need to figure out some sort of system or way to deal with that.

Though this list doesn't necessarily illustrate it, I've had a good and productive month. I'm writing and reading, which is important to me. Work and freelance work are going well. We've done some gardening (mostly Mark) that improves our living space considerably. Things are all good here.


If you use google or gmail, google has a calendar. You can put in someone's birthday, and tell it to email you a reminder about it -- you can set the reminder to any quantity of time you want. If you set it to a week away, that email can be your reminder to get a card in the mail.

I buy cards in bulk, when one strikes me, supplies to make my own, etc., so that I almost always can produce a card for almost anyone and for any occasion right away.


I remember cleaning off my desk one time and finding a sympathy card. I thought, "Geeze - who was this for?" That's when I knew there was a problem - lol. It was a concentrated effort for a couple of years to get into the habit of mailing cards on time.

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