It's been brought to my attention that I never share my thrift scores with y'all anymore. Someone even asked me if I'd stopped thrifting. Yeah, and then I stopped breathing and then I stopped drinking coffee. The thrift store is my happy place--I go at least once a week. I just hadn't been posting about it, both from laziness/oversight and because I thought y'all might be bored.

If you are bored, you can tell me. Or, if you love it when I post my thrifted finds, tell me that too, OK? I'd like to know whether I should keep doing it or not. In the meantime, let's take a little breather from the Happy Housewife project so I can share the booty from my latest thrift trip:

bodum and riser
The other day, I dropped Mark's milk foamer thing, which I'd gotten him for Christmas, and broke it. He likes to make himself cappuccino-esque coffee drinks. I was happy to be able to replace it so quickly, with this cute little Bodum cappuccino set, featuring a smaller version of the same frother and an espresso sized French press. It's new in the box and was $3.93. I also bought a rise shelf for our messy spice cupboard, for $1.91.

I'm constantly adding to our cloth napkin collection, since it seems that every load of laundry turns up one that is too stained to use anymore. I especially like napkins like these, which are made of heavy-weight cotton so they don't wrinkle easily, and are muted and patterned enough in color to hide some staining. I was happy to pay $2.99 for four.

Pyrex pitcher
Though it falls squarely into the camp of "things I don't need," I couldn't resist this vintage Pyrex juice pitcher for $1.91.

jamie oliver book
Mark is a fan of Jamie Oliver, and I haven't brought him home a thrifted cookbook in quite a long time. We have a lot of Jamie's books already, but not this one, so I was happy to pay $4.94 for it.

gap shirt
This Gap tank top was $5.99, which is more than I'd usually want to pay for a thrifted tank, but I love this style, it's a great color, and I'm pretty sure it's new, though it doesn't have tags. Plus my tank top selection is pretty sad right now, being almost all too big or ratty. I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of it.

lucy shirts
Since I've started working from home and exercising most every day, I wear a lot of exercise apparel. And I'll admit it--I like the higher end stuff a lot, especially Lucy. All of my Lucy stuff is thrifted, and I was thrilled to add these two work-out shirts to the mix for $6.99 each. Again, that may sound like a lot, but as expensive as these things are new ($40-$60), it's not that bad.

br shirt
The picture does not do this cool, drapey Banana Republic shirt justice. I love black shirts in general, and this one is both comfortable and attractive. An easy decision to buy it for $4.99.

purple shirt
Though I'd never heard of the brand, "To the Max," I loved the color and cut of this shirt, so I bought it for $4.99. Turns out it's a BCBG line.

hilfiger shirt
This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is actually one I looked at last time I was at the thrift store, didn't buy because I felt $9.99 was too much, then wished I'd bought later because I love the style and pattern. When I saw it was still there today, I swooped it up.

I feel a bit funny divulging the prices I paid for things, because I am almost sure that other thrifters would be scandalized at them. In a previous incarnation, I would have been. But everything is expensive here, even thrifted stuff. It's still cheaper than new, and I still feel better about buying it this way, even if the prices aren't what they used to be.


My grandparents have a juice jug just like that.

I enjoy your thrifting posts. I see them and wish that I put the effort into thrifting that you do because I agree it is best for our environment!

Please keep posting your thrifting finds! I love reading about them. Because sometimes I'll spot something I need and I'll think, "I never thought about looking at the thrift shop for it!"

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