Thumbnail image for HappyHousewife.jpgIn Austin, Mark and I lived in a house we truly loved. We were spoiled that way. Moving into the house where we live now, it has taken me months to even care to try to make it my own--I knew it wasn't going to be great like our place in Austin, so I kinda just didn't care.

Since spring has sprung, though, things have been a bit different. Probably because I experienced real winter for the first time, spring has been really amazing. And the better the weather, the move I've loved being outside. I may not love the inside of this house, but I adore the deck and yard.

Given that, and given that we're planning on hosting a largish outdoor party in a couple of weeks, Mark and I decided to take this weekend and re-make our "outdoor living space." We've been working on it a bit here and there for a month or so, mostly in terms of planting a ton of herbs and flowers in pots, but this was to be our final push, with more planting, re-making the furniture we already had, and buying some new things.

So this is how we spent the weekend:

On Saturday, we hit Cost Plus World Market, where we bought a bench, a chair, a set of nesting tables, and a mess of cushions and pillows. We also went to a hardware store, where we picked up paint and spray paint. When we got home, Mark put the furniture we'd purchased together while I got started on spray painting the wrought-iron set I showed you the other day.

On Sunday, I did some more shopping. I picked up fabric and foam to finish the wrought-iron chair seats, more spray paint, and a whole mess of plants (four roses, two hydrangeas, and a butterfly bush). While I was out, Mark broke out the orbital sander and started sanding our existing table, bench, and chairs. This set has been amazing. We bought it at Ikea last year when when we were staging our house in Austin to sell. At $150, we didn't even know if it would hold up well enough to be worth taking with us when we moved, but it still looked great, so we did. Then we used it all last fall, left it out under the snow all winter, and have been using it since. The structure is still solid. The finish, however, had seen way better days (we never even sealed it). So we decided to paint it, which we began when I got home.

Turns out painting furniture made of slats is a pretty big pain in the ass--each piece has six sides, you know? Took lots of coats with small brushes, and I gave myself the mother of all blisters.

We also finished the wrought-iron set project, which I already told you about.

Yesterday, we finished it all up. More paint on the furniture, plants in the ground. By last evening, when we sat down to tear into our brisket (a concurrent project), we were finished. But it was dark and about to rain, supposedly (it didn't), so I waited until today to put everything in place and take pictures.

Behold! Our outdoor living space!

I love the changes. It is bright and happy and beautiful out there, and the new furniture and re-done old furniture works great together, and with the plants. I don't think I'm ever going to want to be inside again.



Grace, your deck is gorgeous. If I had a deck like that I would sit on it all day long. You guys did some awesome work!

Gorgeous and I love the pain colors you choose!!

that looks amazing, grace! i adore it. did you make the pillows or buy them?

Gracie it looks SO good! I mean seriously as if a fancy designer had put it together! Good job y'all.

awesome. Really, really wow. Everything looks fantastic!

It's really wonderful! I wouldn't want to go back inside either.

Your porch looks absolutely fabulous. I bet it is going to be so lovely sitting out there during the summer.
Enjoy it!
*kisses* HH

The fabrics and red colors are just adorable! Great makeover.

I love the deck! Actually I love your entire house, but I'd never be able to keep up with it with my issues. Still, wish I were close enough to visit.

it's gorgeous!
nice work.

Thanks for sharing your new deck space! It looks awesome. And all those lively colors really make it pop. Your deck is much bigger than ours, but I'm determined to make mine cozy too. Love what you did!

Looks great!!

What a beautiful deck! I don't think I'd be inside for the rest of spring!


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