100 Days to a Happy Housewife 33: Scones


Thumbnail image for HappyHousewife.jpgI love scones. Really, even bad ones thrill me to bits. So I've long wanted a perfect recipe for them. I've tried several, including some very fussy ones, and nothing has every turned out quite right.

Until now.

A week or so ago, an online friend of mine pointed me towards this chocolate chip scone recipe on Vanilla Icing. It looked simple, so I was skeptical, but I made it.

It's them. The perfect scones.

Now, I did make a couple of changes, just based on preference. I substituted buttermilk for the milk (because I had it around and needed to use it up). I also omitted the chocolate chips, since Mark and I both prefer fruit scones, and used a lemon's worth of zest and a good handful each of dried blueberries and dried cranberries instead.

They're so freaking good. So good, in fact, that I made them again tonight. But this time, Mark took pictures.

Today's apron is the Classic Flair for Cooking Hostess Apron from Great Goods. It's worn over a decidedly non-vintage cotton cami and wide legged cargo pants, both from The Gap.

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