100 Days to a Happy Housewife 34: Sick of it


Thumbnail image for HappyHousewife.jpgWell, today we find out the answer to one of the first questions I had (and commentors also had) about this project: how long is it going to take to get sick of it?

Answer: 34 days. I am officially tired of Happy Housewifing. Honestly, I'm surprised to have made it this far doing something so unlike my natural instincts.

Which isn't to say I am about to quit--I said 100 days, and I'm doing 100 days. I'm just kind of having a Happy Housewife midlife crisis. I need new direction, new ideas. I have a list of posts I haven't made yet (i.e. rooms or items I haven't cleaned yet), but none of them are inspiring me. I realize that sounds spoiled--your typical homemaker isn't "inspired" to do her work every day, she just does it. But because I am not your typical homemaker, and this project is a few steps removed from the reality of my life, I do have to stay interested, at least to some degree.

So hit me with your ideas. If you know me, is there something it would greatly amuse you to see me take on? If you know housekeeping, is there something vital I'm missing that I should have addressed by 1/3 of the way through my 100 days? Is there just something you have an extra special fondness for? Give me your ideas! Keep me going!


I would love to see more posts about baking. And about the meals Mark makes. And also about daily tidying. Like, things that you SHOULD be doing every day, you know? Making the bed, doing the dishes, etc.

A post about how to care for cast iron? Ways to get whites whiter? Ironing?

I seriously doubt there wasn't off days, or weeks our predecessors. We just are more willing to say when something sucks, lol. Ideas
1. Make every room smell wonderful, even the garage and closets.
2. Wash the calls and ceiling. Not so much inspiring but worth it. (use toast on wall paper)
3. Storage, could be fun going through all your packed away items, repairing, recycling and donating.
4. Take an inventory. What are staples that you can stock up on? Tampons and/or pads? TP? Dried onions?
5. Make freezer jam. mmmmm
6. Mend cloth items. (I do this weekly)
7. Replace disposable items with reusable ones. ie rags from old tshirts, make napkins from old clothes etc
8. Make your own cosmetics. I can always find food grade lavender, rose and many roots at a local Mexican grocer.
9. Decorate your organizer, weather its an open office template or a physical object you can per-t-fy it.
10. Make you bedroom into a palace, or cave, what ever you prefer.
11. Sanitize all your trash cans. (Yea i know ew)
12. Re organize you books.
13. Dust your computer, inside and out.
14. Make your own dust cloths.
15. Wash the outside of your windows, if your weather is dry enough.
16. Shampoo the carpets.
17. Volunteer, yep they did do that back then. Boys and Girls Club?
18. Garden
19. Learn to weave, sew, basket weave, do bead work etc.
20. Wash those o so sexy but delicate things by hand, also lace curtains if you have them.
21. Build a bird house
22. Give your self a facial, including the retro green mask, don't forget a pic.;)
23. While your at it do a pedicure, manicure, deep condition your hair, and all that.
24. Try one day with out electric appliances.
25. Polish...everything!
26. Write a letter, by hand.
27. If possible this time of year where you live forage for wild food. (Make sure you have a field guide and stick to obvious things like, dandelions and acorns, pine nuts and what not.)
29. Babysit, really that is its own project.
30. Make a inspiration poster (I have a list of character traits I love in myself and others.)
31. Read and apply etiquette.
32. Collect your favourite recopies and compile them in one book for easy reference.
33. Make a list of small repairs around the house that take less than 10 min a piece and do them.
34. Re organise spices, I did that today. I grouped them by cuisine.
35. Play doting wife for hubby. (Get all dressed up and greet him at the door. Have hot food waiting for him, be perky etc.)

I totally feel your pain. I am not a "happy housewife" either, even though since I am in school, I am home a lot more than my husband, and I do feel like I should be keeping the house clean, I just don't feel it. I don't know how we decided on me doing the indoor work and him doing the outdoors, but maybe it is time to rethink this division of labor.

My grandma LOVES to clean. I wish I was more like her. Or that she lived with me.

Most of the stuff you are doing are things I don't even think about. I barely think about doing the windows. Even with two dogs and three cats and all their hair, I only vacuum once or twice a week when I should probably vacuum every other day or so.

To Morgaine-Hey you already have one job don't beat yourself up. When I am having my not in the mood time I let things go a bit. If it's a really long bout I set a timer, bribe myself and make plans to have someone over. If I know someone is coming in an hour or two you'd be amazed how quickly I get things whipped into shape. lol

How to darn socks. I've taken up knitting/crocheting but damned if I know how to darn a freaking sock! There's a lost art.

Other small sewing repairs - reaffixing a button. Hemming pants. Make your own curtains/ window treatments using recycled sheets/ fabric. Applying a "patch" to cover a hole in otherwise serviceable garments.

How to clean your oven/ refrigerator/ grease hood (maybe Mark should do since he's the chef...).

Just some ideas...

I think I would have gotten sick of it much earlier. You did inspire me to totally scrub my kitchen counters last weekend. They are white tile and the grout gets so gross. I hate tile counters. Ugh.

Anyways, I had two ideas for you:

1. How do you clean that icky residue that gets on particle wood furniture? I can scratch it off with my fingernails, but that seems wrong and it's extremely uneven. But 'wood soap' doesn't seem to do anything.

2. Shoe care - polishing. Also leather handbag care. I have a light aqua leather purse that's really dirty and I'm not sure how to clean it. Leather wipes didn't do much.

I'd love to see a pet care post, like how often they're bathed/brushed, etc. And if there are any tips for getting yuck spots out of carpet (sigh).

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