Thumbnail image for HappyHousewife.jpgAs we're hosting a party next weekend, it's likely that all of this week's post will have something to do with our preparations. Today, preparing means cleaning. Mark and I have been working on the whole main level of our house, but I specifically set out to do a deep-clean of our "formal" living room, since I hadn't yet hit that room on my 100 Days to a Happy Housewife schedule.

I am not going to bore you with the suggested steps to cleaning a living room, since I already went over those on Day 18. Instead, I'll just tell you what I did.

The room I started out with wasn't terribly dirty (with the exception of the cover for the couch, which was a filthy dog hair mess). It was, however, a bit cluttered and very dusty. I started with high dusting--ceilings and corners and stuff, and pulled the couch out from the window and dusted and washed the window. From there, I removed bric brac and books and dusted and cleaned all the furniture--the couch, the coffee table, the bar, two chairs, two bookshelves, and the fireplace mantle. This was pretty time consuming, just as far as taking everything down cleaning the surface, cleaning the stuff, and reorganizing it. When that was all done, Mark vacuumed the floor. I replaced the couch cover with a freshly laundered one and gave it a good spray down with my fabric refresher spray (it's Ata's favorite spot to lounge, so it doesn't smell great).

When all was cleaned, Mark and I rearranged the furniture. We try to avoid rearranging furniture as much as possible, because it's one of those things that always ends up with us arguing. We don't argue much in general, but furniture rearrangement brings out the worst in us, I guess. We have very different ideas of what is attractive and functional.

After a few missteps, we arrived at a furniture arrangement that suited us at least slightly better. (The big issue is the couch not quite fitting in the cut-out alcove in front of the window, so it sticks out into the room.) Then, of course, things had to be re-dusted and books returned to shelves and all that. The whole process ended up taking nearly two hours.

I am pretty happy with the results:

For today's adventures in cleaning, I'm wearing Smith's American denim Bermuda shorts (Marshall's), an orange and white cotton peasant top (Banana Republic Outlet), a handmade and gifted apron, and a vintage silk scarf (Ebay).


I like the new arrangement, but I think I would have tried floating the couch across from the fireplace, with the big chair and a side table in the window alcove. But that would mean, you'd need someplace to put the very handy bookshelf.

gorgeous apron! I really like the new placement of the leather chair, too.
Do your kitties try to claw it?

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