100 Days to a Happy Housewife 57: I quit


Yep, I'm giving it up.

100 Days to a Happy Housewife has been a great project, and I really wanted to finish it out. But I'm not actually having the summer I expected to have when I started. I thought I was going to be home all summer. As it turns out, between work and play, I'm going to be gone more than I'm here over the course of the next eight weeks. Add to that a work schedule that has taken a turn for the completely insane (we're talking 70+ hours/week insanity), and I just don't see any more valuable posting happening if I have to do projects and take pictures to make it happen.

So, I'm admitting defeat. I am, perhaps unsurprisingly, a truly lousy housewife. Hopefully I've re-integrated the blogging habit enough to at least get a few posts a week up for the rest of the summer, keeping you all abreast of my travel adventures. Thanks for reading!


Grace is a shitty housewife, neener neener neener.

And I love you.

I hope you will post more this summer!

Hey, don't beat yourself up! I don't even try to be a good housewife, or a good house-keeper. I mean I make tiny paltry little efforts. 57 days is a lot of house keeping.

And you don't necessarily have to quit? Why not pause?

Awww...I'm sorry to see you stop, but dude, that schedule sounds fierce!

Well, I say "Congrats!" for making it 57 days. :) I doubt I could have made it past 10. I have enjoyed reading - I learned from your sweat and elbow grease - thanks!

I agree with kim, you could pause it. I, a happy housewife, am not home much in the summer either and so not that much tends to get done. But I figure its hot, we are outside most of the time and winter is when more is done inside so more tidying, cleaning, and cosying needs to be done but the summer time eh. Who wants to stay in the house to make it dirty?

You did a great job. Thanks a lot. Although I skipped around, I am going back and reading every one. Thanks for doing this, and allowing me to learn from your successes and mistakes.


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