Thrift Share Monday


Woohoo! I finally got it together to participate in Thrift Share Monday!

I didn't actually find anything spectacular, or spectacularly cheap, this week, but nevertheless, I will share my finds:

These three pairs of shorts are all for me. The blue ones are Adidas sports shorts, the other two are destructed Bermudas from Ann Taylor and dark wash Bermudas from Izod. I believe they were $4.99 each and they all fit! Since I'm so in love with Bermudas right now, I was happy to find them.

This dress didn't photograph well, but it's really cute on. It's by Alfani and I think it was $6.49.

This is a super cute faux wrap shirt from Ann Taylor. It's not right for this season, but I'll definitely wear it in the fall. It was $4.99.

This was my most fun find! A clearly handmade metal rooster sculpture. It's name is B.B. and it now lives among our plants.

I have no idea what my plan is for this wooden box, but it just seemed so handy. It was $1.91.

This is a set of Vera napkins. I love Vera napkins. Mark hates them, so we don't actually use them, but I keep collecting them anyway. They were $3.49 for four, and I don't think they've ever been used.

This was Mark's gift--a little kit to make three small wooden boats. He's enraptured with it. I think it was $.59 or something.

Like I said, nothing extraordinary, but a good day's thrifting. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to share next week.


My finds are never spectacular, but I like them anyway. Your thrift finds look great!

Hi Grace :)

I've been reading your adventure with housewifery from the beginning for two days and I can't wait to see what else you do.

Trust me, we ALL feel tired of cleaning everyday at some point, but eventually something snaps (like a visit from the in-laws LOL) that makes you get back to work.

I know you don't plan on doing this forever, but I'll bet that eventually you'll get in a habit to keep doing some of it. After all, there's nothing better than a clean house ;)

Thank you for commenting on my blog!


I love the boat box kit, just the artwork on the box is inspiring!

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