Thrift Share Monday

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Yay! Thrift Share Monday!

I actually went a bit outside my comfort zone this weekend and visited a bunch of new stores. Unfortunately, they were almost uniformly terrible, and the bulk of my great finds came, as always, from Unique. I did buy some glassware at smaller shops, though.

My favorite finds:

From Unique, a great coffee table book about Georgia O'Keefe (it includes her art and her letters, which is really fascinating) and a cool blue glass pitcher. I thought the pitcher was mid-century to begin with, but I think it's probably actually Ikea or similar. I believe both items were $4.94.

Also from Unique, a trio of graphic black-and-white print tops. The lefthand one is an empire cotton tank top from H&M, the middle is a great sort of floaty top with an asymetrical neckline from Loft, and the righthand is a basic kind of sleeveless top by I think Izod. I'm really into these sorts of prints right now. These were, I think, $3.99 each.

This trio is from two small thrift stores in Falls Church, Joseph's Closet and...something else. I absolutely love the hand blown amber glass pitcher, and I paid $12 for it, which is a lot for me. Mark says the bulb-bottomed amber glass vase looks 70s, but I don't care, because I love the shape and it was $5. The pottery vase is sadly mass-produced and not handmade, but Mark loves it, and it was only $3.

I can't resist the napkins! This set of 4 new ones was $2.99 at Unique.

My most practical find of the weekend, which I forgot to photograph, was a new in package set of four small, square white porcelain cereal bowls for $5. I've been looking for some small cereal bowls--we have only huge ones--and these are perfect.


O I like the napkins they would match my kitchen......want mail'm to you old pal in Utah? ;)

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