Notes from the road


I just returned home from the first leg of my summer travel adventures, which started with a business trip to Portland and ended with a pleasure trip to Pittsburgh. So far, so good. I didn't totally fail at packing, air travel treated me very well (including my taking a $400 travel voucher to return home this morning rather than last night, which I very much didn't mind doing), and I had a productive time in Portland a wonderful time in Pittsburgh. In two days, I start the next leg, a trip to Minneapolis to visit Mark's parents.

In Pittsburgh, I ate here. The dessert menu featured a "Six Penn Circus"--cotton candy, cinnamon doughnuts, whoopie pies, and Cracker Jack, all house-made. Oh hell yeah.

Grace with cotton candy!.jpg


Holy sweet Jeebus! That looks crazy and good.

Are you coming to BlogHer? I was just thinking of the best parts of last year's BlogHer and you featured prominently.

My internet was down for a long time I am so happy to be back and catch up with your doings....thats kinda weird isn't? For me its like reading a novel, but there a real person behind these doings. Anyway, whats a woopie pie? Is that like Moonpies?

Cotton candy and cracker jacks - Yum!

Glad you're having a good trip.

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