Rockin' the real vintage dress!


My recent trip to Pittsburgh had many, many highlights (see my previous post with the cotton candy, for example). One of them, though, had to be the last afternoon I was there, when my friend Nonny and I headed to the Shadyside area of the city to do some vintage shopping. First, we stopped for a great lunch of crepes (hadn't had crepes in years, still love them, particularly with Nutella). Then, we hit a couple of great vintage stores. Pittsburgh vintage stores impressed me not just for their selection, which was excellent, but for their prices--vintage stuff I could actually afford!

The best place, by far, was a shop called Eons Fashion Antique. Among other treasures, there I found a long rack of 50s and 60s house dresses, in waist sized up to 36. Yes, that's right, 36. I never find real vintage stuff in my size (which, it turns out, is generally 18 or 20 in pre-vanity sizing)! And the dresses mostly had their original tags still on them! Amazing.

I bought three. Excessive, probably, but I couldn't help myself. They were between $22-$30 each! Less than $80 for all three, if I am remembering correctly. And last night, when Mark and I went out to The Wine Kitchen (excellent as always, though they were sadly sold out of the sea salt and caramel torta palla), I debuted one of them.

Vintage dress!

I don't think there is any question that this is the style for me--it works with all my assets and does a pretty good job of hiding my flaws. The question is, can I really dress like this every day?


That blue is gorgeous! I've always liked that sort of dress. Is it also called "shirt dress" 'cause I've heard that before. Anyway, it looks great on you!

You need to come back, and get more dresses!

I think you look fabulous in this dress. I keep trying to dress vintage but with my body it just doesn't seem to work. I think you could dress like this every day. It's such a classic look.

I'm in the "dress like that every day" camp. That's a great damn style.

Ooooh - FABULOUS dress! You should definitely dress like that every day. :)

That's a fantastic dress! I'm starting to think that high-waisted is the way to go.

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