I still like Barack Obama


620053_f260.jpgI don't watch CNN at home. I don't have a particular issue with it, I just don't care for it. At my parents' house, however, it is often on. Today, I watched a segment about Barack Obama's faith (hint: he's not Muslim!). And it reminded me of something.

I really like Barack Obama. I haven't been thrilled with his presidency so far--he's made some decisions with which I disagree, and hasn't made the kind of gains my wildest dreams would dictate. But I really honestly like him. When I see him speak, I am neither disgusted nor irritated. Mostly, I agree with what he says, and even when I don't, I like the way he says it. I like his smile. I believe that he seems, to the degree possible for his position, to mean well.

This has never been true for me before. I remember presidents back to Reagan, and never before have I felt any particular affinity for the POTUS. And, having never liked the president, I never realized that liking the president would be so nice. Obama doesn't embarrass me. I'm proud to live in the nation for which he serves as leader. Even if he doesn't do a quarter of what I'd hoped he would (and, at this point, I don't think he will), he'll have given me the gift of a president I could stand.


I still think George W would be SUPER fun to hang out with. I don't like him, and he's usually wrong, at least, or doesn't know what he's talking about at worst. But he seems more fun at a party. I get the idea that the Obamas would invite me to a fancy wine party where I'd have to wear something uncomfortable and feel like I was going to say something wrong while people talked about highminded shit.

GWB is definitely richer, but I feel like his party is more likely to have beer & rice krispy treats and people in jeans.

However, I think Clinton & Carter would also be a pretty fun time. I think young, pre-Nancy Reagan would be cool. Al Gore would be no fun. George Sr actually seems pretty fun--I mean he surprise parachuted into his library opening at 80--that sounds like a dude who is FUN.

I feel the same way. I'm actually proud to have a president who is thoughtful and well-spoken. It's refreshing.

I used to feel that way until I found out his position on whaling. I don't know why pro-whaling bugs me so much, but when I see Obama now I just think of the whales.

lol beapea poor thing, I like him too. I happily step off my soap box regarding how one represents and presents oneself and the entire US to others. (Read as the president should try to sound competent.) As a Muslim I find it baffling why anyone would think he is a Muslim and why we should care what his religion is. If he's Christian, and he is, why it's anyone but his business and if he worships potatoes, why is it anyone's business be his and the potato. lol

I can't imagine what this country would have looked like have Obama not been the president in the last 2 years.

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