Let's hear it for the obvious solution


I've been traveling quite a bit this summer. The more traveling I do, the better I get at it--I have a better idea of what to pack, know which advice to take (e.g. "pack all your clothes around one neutral so that anything can be worn with anything else" is NOT good advice for me), which space eaters are worth it (extra shoes) and which aren't (extra books), etc. There is one packing issue that I've never found a good solution for, though, and it's bothered me for years--jewelry. I pretty much always wear jewelry, and am especially fond of necklaces, so I always want to pack jewelry when I travel. However, all previous attempts at packing it have ended up with my spending precious vacation time untangling a wad of necklaces, and I've broken more than one. I knew there had to be as simple solution for how to keep this from happening, but short of putting each individual necklace in a Ziploc (which I considered, but seemed too wasteful and anal retentive), I couldn't come up with anything.

Until the extremely obvious finally occurred to me.

Those plastic boxes with dividers, used for tackle, beads, embroidery floss, etc. They make small ones. Big, huge, duh.

So today I went to Michael's, headed to the beading section, and purchased the perfect solution for less than $3. It's a smallish box, about 4.5" square, with two levels. One level is separated into two compartments (perfect for chunky necklaces), the other into eight smaller compartments (perfect for earrings, rings, and smaller necklaces). The box itself is small enough not to take up a ton of luggage space, and I'll be able to bring plenty of jewelry options without tangling anything up.

Taking the DUH factor one step further, I also purchased several of the bigger divided bead boxes. A necklace in each cubby in my jewelry drawer (yes, I have a jewelry drawer, like I said, it's kinda my thing) means no more at-home tangles, either.

I love solutions this simple and obvious. Just wish it had occurred to me a lot sooner. Hopefully my mentioning it will help someone else who has been irritated by this one in the past.

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