On this day, 31 years ago...


I was born. At 2:59 in the afternoon (Pacific Time), in Cottage Grove, Oregon. I looked like this:

From what I know of it, my birth was fast and painful. I was two weeks late and healthy, if a bit on the hairy and pointy-headed side.

As I grew, I got cuter.

3 months:
3 months.jpg

6 months:
6 months.jpg

11 months:
11 months.jpg

And then, at about a year old, I became a monster. I was still cute, though.

14 months:
14 months.jpg

2 years:
2 years.jpg

3 years:
3 years.jpg

After that, I started getting less cute, and becoming more of a pain in the ass. Which lasted until...well, now, really.

And today, I am 31. A pretty long way from that cute little blonde girl. But I still see her, underneath my gray hair and my need for glasses and my mid-aged makeup-reliance. She's still here.


ha that's funny--the three yr old pic is the first one I was like, "ah, now THAT looks like grace!" The other ones really look like your mom though!

Awwwwww baby grace! Happy bday sweetie. So glad you're you.

Now you referred to yourself as mid-aged, but when I see pix of you now, I think, "Oh, to be that young and hip again!"

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