Per-fekt skin perfection gel, I will marry you


P119802_hero.jpgI hate it when this happens. I have once again fallen in love with a stupidly expensive beauty product.

On a whim, I purchased the sample size of Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel on my last Sephora trip. I thought it was a bit ridiculous that the small one (.25 oz) was $17.50, but it promised to go on smoothly and be completely non-oily, making my skin a perfect baby's ass or something. I'll go pretty far for baby butt skin, so I bought it.

It's amazing, y'all. It looks more or less like gel-ish foundation but goes on almost as a powder. It's not heavy duty cover up or anything, but it smooths everything out and gives me that porcelain doll look. It lasts all day (and I'm talking long days), even through sweating, and I can skip everything else (powder and blush or bronzer) if I want and still look polished. Score on all fronts. Plus it doesn't smell. I didn't realize how much smelly cosmetics pissed me off until I realized there was another option.

The larger size, which is actually only 1 oz, costs a hefty $57.50. That's a "wait for a coupon price" for me. I mean, really? However, I'm realizing as I use it more that I can get away with a fairly small amount. The .25 oz size looks like it's a weekend tube, and it's probably more a two-week or three-week tube. That makes the full size tube a two or three month supply (for the daily makeup user), which is still a bit ridiculous, but this stuff is so magical I think I'll shell out.

It comes in four colors, plus clear. The lightest shade, "Luminous" is perfect for me. After a long day, it looks like this:


Oo, could you do a follow-up on this in a month or so? The reason is that your description reminds me of this mattifying cream I bought from Lancome a few years ago that I loved so much. I felt like it magically sucked all the oil off my face all day long. Sadly, after a few weeks of wear I started to get wee bumps all over my forehead. Sigh. I wonder if your cream avoids that problem...

I just bought this recently as well. So far, I am on the fence... I have very oily skin and it seems to make me a bit oilier than what I usually use, but I do like the coverage (usually I don't wear foundation at all). Beapea, I too have found that it is hard to find a good mattifier that both works and doesn't cause additional skin issues. *sigh*

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