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I haven't done this in a while. Here are the blogs I am really grooving on right now. Please leave me a comment with some suggestions for additions to my list!

The Sew Weekly: I already mentioned this blog here, but it's my favorite, so I'm gonna tell you again. Mena has a project. By the end of 2010, she wants her closet to be comprised only of clothes she herself has made. Every week, she sews something and posts about it on her blog. Mostly, it's vintage dresses, often made with thrift sale or antique market fabric and notions. Her style is amazing, her posts are great and informative (she includes how much time it took her to make each outfit and what it cost) and her blog is one of the first I read whenever there is a new post.

No More Sweatpants: Lori declared 2010 the year of no sweatpants, making a resolution to get up and get dressed in real clothes every day (and as a mom of multiple little ones, that's a feat!). She chronicles this effort in her blog. I love her style, which is realistic (she wears the same things more than once!), casual, and cute as hell.

Ruffly Speaking: I've recommended Joanna before as well, but it's been a while. This is the best dog blog I've seen, and one of my favorite blogs to read, period. Plus there are occasional bonus pictures and stories of Joanna's daughters, who are straight out of Little Women, in the best possible way.

Badgermama: HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN READING THIS? I've met Liz Henry, a couple of times actually, at BlogHer. She's one of those people who is so fucking cool you just fall in love with her the first time she opens her mouth. I read her posts on BlogHer. And yet, I only just recently started reading her parenting (and other stuff) blog, Badgermama. And I seriously want to hit my little thumbs up StumbleUpon button after I finish every single post. Go. Read.

Better Than Bullets: This is the newly minted clearinghouse site for writer/mom/action hero Angelina, who I was also blessed to meet at BlogHer this year. The girl is serious about her writing, which I love, and writes about writing in a way isn't so pretentious it makes me choke, which is rare.

There. I've done my bit. Now do yours--what are you reading?


How have I never read sew Weekly before?! (I am in serious awe of what she's made for herself.) I need to use this as inspiration for myself.

And I have also never read Liz's blog so I'll go read now!

thank you for including me on your list! I hate it when writers write about writing pretentiously myself so I hope I don't ever cross that line.

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