London, Day 2: The Fashion Edition

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I spent a good deal of time today sitting on the top deck of a double-decker bus, stopped in traffic/construction, observing the fashion of the people on the street below. So, here's what they're wearing in London:

  • A ton of women's oxford type shoes.

  • Ditzy floral mini dresses

  • Tights (which I still have not obtained).

  • High-waist pants and shorts, with almost corset-like buttoning.

  • Scarves. These seem to be required by law.

  • Skinny jeans for men.

I expected to see more women in high boots and skinny jeans--there are some, but I think there are more at home than here. Here, the trend is definitely oxford style shoes, and skimmer flats. The scarf thing is ubiquitous. And the men aren't wearing as many of those weird slicked forward hairstyles as I expected.

Also? Things are closed on Sundays here. Like, everything. But that's the only complaint I really have. I kinda love it here.


Maybe it's too early in the year for boots? Love the omnipresent scarves, though. San Francisco was the same way - must be the damp and fog.

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