I didn't check in yesterday, because I spent the last few minutes of my evening, which I had previously reserved for blogging, trying to figure out how to alleviate the discomfort caused by a gigantic blister just at the base of my second toe. Before my next major trip, I need to learn to embrace sneakers as a legitimate fashion choice. Really.

Hard to believe, but our trip is already wrapping up--only two more days here! We've seen so much already, I shouldn't complain. Still, there are so many things we haven't prioritized or that haven't worked out, I know I'm going to go home feeling like a second visit here is in order.

To catch you up, we started yesterday with a visit to the London Eye, which I loved. What's there not to like about a huge Ferris wheel? It was clear out and the view truly was spectacular. After the Eye we walked around the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, and watched a pick-up football game played by uniformed schoolboys, for maximum Englishness. We had a pub lunch (steak and ale pie and mash for me) and then walked through Hyde Park and attempted to go the Kensington Palace, but were there too late, so just saw the sunken garden instead. Then we headed to Liberty. Wow. There were very few things in the store that I could justify buying at those prices (though I didn't leave completely empty-handed), but it was incredible. I see now what Anthropologie is trying (and mostly failing) to do. The fabric room was one of the more amazing things I've seen recently. It was breathtaking for me, a non-sewer, so I can't even imagine what it would do to my needle-inclined readers. We ended the day with an Indian meal near our hotel.

Today we headed to the Tower of London. As far as tourist attractions go, it's exceptional. The prisoner's graffiti alone is worth the price of admission, though I suspect most people are more interested in the crown jewels (turns out they're shiny). I also enjoyed the displays on torture and execution. Guess I'm just gothic that way. After the Tower we went to the little market at Whitecross Street for a street food lunch (I had some so-so pad thai and an excellent custard tart). Mark and our traveling companion friends were ready for a rest then, so they headed back to the hotel and I hopped a bus to Oxford Circus to check out Primark and Top Shop--couldn't help but get the goods on the clothes I inevitably choose from Polyvore. It was really crowded, and most everything was well outside my size range, but it was still a good time and I did grab a few new makeup products and a great Wonder Woman t-shirt. We got dinner at a nuevo English restaurant near the hotel, which turned out to be a mistake.

Oh, and I stopped at a shop for more Jaffa Cakes and flavored Kit Kat bars. Can't forget that!


What a great trip! I love the gothic stuff. I've never spent more than a few hours in London (rode the train through it to get to Scotland) but I've spent some time in Scotland and I love visiting the dungeons. Last time I went I visited a castle with its own prison tower and someone had a lot of fun doing up a dummy prisoner. No prisoner graffiti though. I'd love to see that.

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