London, Day 6 & 7: The final chapter


EP_Spell_large_2.jpgThis is it--our last night in London. Mark and I are both so exhausted we've barely got our eyes open. It's been a truly fantastic trip, though, topped off today by a visit to the Enchanted Palace at Kensington Palace and high tea at the Orangery on Kensington grounds.

I'm not particularly interested in the monarchy, or in royalty in general, but the mix of creepy fairy tale and bizarre art of the exhibition was just perfect for me. I loved every minute of it, and definitely found myself curious about the stories to which the displays were--sometimes directly, sometimes not--referring.

Yesterday, knowing we were running out of time, we put the vacation pedal to the metal and hit the British Museum, Burrough Market, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and Notting Hill. It was exhausting, but well worth it--the V&A is fantastic and we had great pizza in Notting Hill.

Photo via Enchanted Palace website.

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