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Yesterday, Sal at Already Pretty posted her Lazy Gal's Makeup Kit. Amused by how many of the same favorite products we share, and having been enamored with the same inspirational she was--Sonja at Hello Beauty!--I thought it high time to share my current make-up routine with y'all.

korres primer.jpg
Korres Face Primer, $28

I didn't use primer in the summer, because it seemed like one more layer to melt off, but I'm back to using it this fall. My current selection is Korres Face Primer. I like it because it's silicone free, moisturizing, and goes on in a really smooth, light layer.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Makeup, $6.50-$9

I already told you all about this stuff. I apply it with my finger tips and a little goes quite a long way.

boing concealer.jpg
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer, $18

Like Sally, I'm a huge fan of this "industrial strength" concealer. It covers all my problem spots without feeling like I am coating my face in grout. The light color is a great shade for me, too--I tried the medium first, and that was a disaster. I sometimes apply it with a finger tip and sometimes with a concealer brush from EcoTools ($5).

clinique powder.jpg
Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15, $23

Powder is another layer that I mostly left off in the warmer months, but I am back to using now. I've been using this Clinique powder since I started wearing makeup, and I'm completely happy with it. It goes on nice and sheer, but keeps the shine down. The neutral tone is perfect for me. I apply it with a long discontinued Lancome powder brush.

nars blush.jpg
NARS Blush in Orgasm, $26

This is another long-time favorite. I am among the masses who are very dedicated NARS Orgasm fans. It's the perfect blush color. The only drawback is that it really doesn't have great staying power--by the end of the day, it is completely gone. I am thinking of trying something else for daytime for that reason. I apply mine with the blush brush from EcoTools ($8).

benefit lemon aid.jpg
Sephora Lemon-Aid, $20

This is another product on which Sal and I agree, and I use it the same way she does--smear it on my eyelids and under my eyes with my finger to cover up dark circles and make me look well-rested. Easy peasy!

mac eyeshadow.jpg
MAC Eyeshadow in Phloof!, $14.50

Unlike Sal, I have no fear of eyeshadow. I usually start mine with a base coat in a beige/off-white/sand color, and MAC's Phloof! is my favorite. It's the longest wearing eyeshadow I've ever come across, and the only slightly shimmery off-white color is a perfect shadow base. I've been wanting to try a completely matte base color, though, so I may try something else soon.

benefit creaseless shadow.jpg
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Get Figgy, $19

Another place I agree with Sal! She uses her Benefit Creaseless Shadow/Liner as shadow, smearing it on her lids with her finger. I use mind for a liner, applying it to the top lash line with with the pointy end of the Sephora Collection Double-Ended Smokey Eye Brush ($18). I love this stuff because it stays on all day, without flaking or creasing, and it's easy to apply, unlike pencil liners, which I cannot for the life of me master.

blinc mascara.jpg
Blinc Kiss Me Mascara, $24

I still haven't found my perfect mascara--the one that makes it look like I have naturally long eyelashes without stiffening them up. Recommendations are always welcome. This one, however, is pretty good. It goes on easy, looks pretty natural, and is absolutely waterproof. I'm still a little weirded out by the "tubes" left on my washcloth when I take it off at night, but that's not a huge deal.

tarte lip stain.jpg
Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain in Hope, $24

This is my last overlap with Sal. I'm a very fickle lip color consumer--I have a ton of different lipsticks, glosses, stains, and balms, and I use most of them in rotation. However, like Sal, I'm always on the lookout for something that will actually stay on, and this stuff does the trick. It also has this really nice minty feeling/smell going on. I wear it either alone, for a matte look, or topped with Buxom Lips in clear Krystal ($18) for shimmer. I also really love applying a pencil, rather than a tube or wand--it seems to be an easier way to keep the color within the lines of my rather thin top lip.

Whew! As usual, I am stunned by how much it takes just to create my "everyday" look. It honestly only takes me about 5 minutes to put it all on, though, so I guess it's not that bad.


Try the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara. It's my new go-to. Lots of impact, dark, long, volume, but not stiff and smudgy. Like it better than Lancome.

Thanks so much for the shout out! You might want to try Duwop's new waterproof blush. It's easy to apply and blend, because it's a powder. But it stays on sooooooo much better than most powder blushes. And the peach shade is similar to NARS Orgasm. Hope that helps! xo

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