Sometimes, the cheap stuff works just fine


perfekt gel.jpgmaybelline.jpgA while ago, I told you all how much I loved Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel. I said:

It's amazing, y'all. It looks more or less like gel-ish foundation but goes on almost as a powder. It's not heavy duty cover up or anything, but it smooths everything out and gives me that porcelain doll look. It lasts all day (and I'm talking long days), even through sweating, and I can skip everything else (powder and blush or bronzer) if I want and still look polished. Score on all fronts. Plus it doesn't smell. I didn't realize how much smelly cosmetics pissed me off until I realized there was another option.

I felt that way until my little tube was finished. And then I was sad, because even though I loved the stuff, I really felt like $57.50 for a 1 oz tube was just kinda ridiculous.

But guess what? There's a cheap version. In fact, a really cheap version. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Makeup. I almost never wear drugstore makeup anymore, but I bought this on a whim to see if it would maybe, possibly approximate the Per-fekt stuff, and it does! It has the same light texture, going on easily, not feeling heavy, and looking matte and almost like a powder. Plus it's available in way more colors, and the "Light 1: Porcelain Ivory" shade is a perfect match for my skin. And it's about $8 per .65 oz jar. MUCH cheaper than the Per-fekt stuff.

Looking around at reviews of it, I see that some people are claiming it makes them break out. So far, I haven't noticed it having that effect on me, but I also don't wear makeup every day, so that may be something to look out for. Also, I think it might cause issues for people with dry or flaky skin, since it's very matte. Otherwise, I can't recommend this lovely cheap option highly enough.

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