Vacation in photographs

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We're safely home. Wonderful trip-I can't even pick a best part. The photos don't do it justice, but I thought I'd share a few anyway.

Heather at the Columbia Street Flower Market:
Columbia Road Flower Market

Sign seen from the bus:
Sign seen from the bus

St. Paul's Cathedral:
St. Paul's Cathedral

Latte served with a tiny ice cream cone at Fortnam & Mason:
Coffee and tiny ice cream at Fortnam & Mason

Houses of Parliment and Big Ben:
Houses of Parliment and Big Ben from the Eye

High tea at The Orangery:
Tea at the Orangery

Enjoying our last night with some room service:
Room service! Last night of vacation


Yay! Progress on the goals, and a lovely time! London is one of those places I never tire of seeing photos from. Although the picture from the Eye of parliament and Big Ben reminded me of a Doctor Who episode!

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