Chubby Girl Cheesecake review and giveaway!


pumpkin and honey cheesecake picture.jpgRecently, my friend Susan took the plunge and opened her own small business, the fantastically named Chubby Girl Cheesecakes. As soon as her shop was up and running, I wanted to make an order--I love cheesecake!--but I waited until I had a similarly cheesecake loving guest come to stay a few weeks ago, since Mark doesn't like it.

It was worth the wait. I got 1/2 a Vanilla Bean cheesecake and 1/2 a Meadow Foam Honey cheesecake, with a bag of Susan's holiday Spiced Wine Cranberry sauce. And my friends, it was amazing. It was not only the by-far best cheesecake I've ever had, but one of the best desserts I've ever had. Susan ships the cakes frozen, so you'd think the texture would suffer, but it's still fantastic when it arrives and defrosts. The vanilla bean was the perfect vanilla, not too strong, but definite vanilla flavor, and a creamy texture that I can't even describe--nothing like those cheesecake that you think might just be a block of slightly sweetened cream cheese. The Meadow Foam honey had a wonderful, slightly herbal honey flavor and a more whipped texture. And the crust! Susan makes her own cookies and graham crackers for crusts, and the difference is obvious--it's remarkable. The sauce was the perfect red wine and cranberry compliment. Seriously, the whole thing was amazing. A transcendental cheesecake experience.

Susan's cakes aren't cheap--$39 plus shipping--but they are completely worth it. Each 10" round, 5-6 lb cake is an easy 16 servings, which makes the per serving cost totally reasonable. I'd HIGHLY suggest you consider a Chubby Girl Cheesecake next time you need a fancy dessert.

And guess what, lucky folks? One of you is going to get to order one ON ME! That's right, I'm giving away a Chubby Girl Cheesecake in honor of Susan's new business and in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Just head over to her site and take a look at the order form to see all the varieties Susan has available, then come back and leave me a comment as to what flavor(s) you'd like to try. If you want extra entries, blog about this contest or Tweet it and leave me a comment telling me you did that. Next Friday, I'll let choose a winner, so be sure to leave me a way to get in touch with you!

Good luck!



It's hard to chose, but I think the one I most want to try is Vanilla Bean with raspberry sauce.

And shared on Facebook.

WANT. I've wanted to try the MFH since she first discovered it!

Oh wow. I want a Lime, followed by a vanilla. Such a hard decision! Dh and I were mentioning the other day that we might have a cheesecake for christmas to each other LOL

Pumpkin or Lime for me. And shared on Facebook.

would LOVE dark chocolate truffle

I would give up any and all Christmas gifts for one of Susan's Dark Chocolate Truffle Cheesecakes. I've been drooling over her site since she put it up.

I really really want to try a lime cheesecake with raspberry swirled in.

Lemon Blackberry! It sounds heavenly . . . .

Yes this is a WANT! I think I'd like to try Pumpkin, followed by the Lemon Blackberry!

Wow, Fresh Lime sounds amazing! As does vanilla bean with the cranberry wine sauce! (I'd probably pick pumpkin but for the fact that I baked pumpkin bourbon cheesecake two weeks ago).

oh my goodness- dark chocolate truffle please!

Dark Chocolate Truffle or White Chocolate Raspberry...or you know, any of it really. It all sounds quite divine!

Shared on FB because Cheesecake should always be shared with friends.

I'm drooling over here Grace. I think the vanilla bean and the pumpkin both sound insanely good.

Vanilla bean or honey :)

Meadow foam honey! I have no idea what that is but I love honey and cheesecake and meadows!

Oh I want the white chocolate raspberry one!!!!!

Me! ME! And, additionally, if I win HHM and AmyW and Fiddlemama can all enjoy he lovely cheesecake with Trolly together.

Also? Facebooked it.

I think Fresh Lime sounds delicious!

Okay, I think I'll have the dark chocolate truffle with raspberry sauce on the side. Yes. Yes I will.

I am broke and my family would love a holiday cheesecake, I just linked from twitter and facebook :P

Dark chocolate truffle with either raspberry or blackberry swirled in!

White chocolate raspberry. Or lime. Or maybe pumpkin... too many to choose from!

I agree with ibby - I have no idea what meadow foam honey really means, but it sounds delightful. Fresh lime sounds pretty incredible as

Its hard to choose. I'll say lime, but really - I want them all!

ZOMG! Pick me! Pick me! I would love the opportunity to share cheesecake with the family for Christmas. And cranberry sauce? I'm ded.


mmmm, yum!

I'm aiming for fresh lime with blackberry sauce!

and I posted on facebook! woot!

Oh dear, I would love to make out with, I mean eat any one of those flavors. Grrrrowl.

MmmMMmmMmmm....I would say pumpkin would be my first choice followed by vanilla bean with spiced wine cranberry swirled in! Yum!
I wanna win!!!!

Lime. No, dark chocolate truffle. No, lime.

Want all the cheesecakes. Nom nom nom nom nom!

Lime. Yes.

Ooh, I'm not sure what Meadow Foam Honey is, but I think I'd like to find out!
(Oddly enough, while I love chocolate passionately, I firmly believe that cheesecake should not be chocolatey).

Oooooh how nice! I would love a vanilla bean cheesecake. You sold it so well.

Oh man...I want the chocolate truffle, but I really want to try one because she's the only person who does the GLUTEN FREE...and I've been dying for a GF cheesecake.

Imma gonna post on facebook for a second entry. No one reads my blog :-( lol

1/4 MFH, 1/4 White Chocolate Raspberry, 1/4 Dark Chocolate Truffle, and 1/4 Pumpkin!

(No, I'm not indecisive at ALL. ;P)

Ooh, the Meadow Foam Honey sounds delightful! I've been drooling over it since she started her business.

O. M. G.

That sounds amazing, all of it. I'll say the white chocolate raspberry, but whoa, dude. What an awesome business! :) Just tweeted about it- StephanieReads

and I facebooked it!

Tweeted at badmamanodonut


Yum! Vanilla with raspberry sauce, please!

omg. all of them? every one? in every imaginable combination? if i HAD to pick just one... dark chocolate truffle with raspberry sauce or swirl in. who is with me on that treat? plus? i've tasted chubby girl cheesecake. they are DEVINE.

I want want want the Meadow Foam Honey.

just one?? White chocolate raspberry is always a fave.

I am drooling over the dark chocolate truffle and I am really curious about the spiced wine cranberry sauce.

Pumpkin! For the Holidays of course. Or...White Chocolate Raspberry. Is it bad that I can't make up my mind even for a drawing?

Pumpkin of course!

OMGZ. How to choose just one?!?!?!? I think... meadow foam honey is calling my name!

Posted to facebook!

I am a cheesecake fanatic! I have been since I was 5 and would order a salad bar and cheesecake when we went out to dinner, so I would love to these cheesecakes! Picking only 1 is hard, but I think I would like to try the lemon blackberry.

I posted to Twitter (angie303) & Facebook!

Ooh, I'm dying to try one. Vanilla!!

The pumpkin with the spiced wine cranberry sauce sounds heavenly.

I have to try the meadow foam honey! I tried the chestnut honey when she lived by me and it was AMAZING.

Susan is an amazing chef! I have always enjoyed her food. I love lemon cheesecake so I would love, love to have her homemade lemon blackberry one. Thank you for blogging about Chubby Girl Cheesecake & offering to give one away. I am so excited!

I shared this on facebook. Not sure if that counts, but its too good not to share. If everyone tasted Susan's food/cheesecake they would be hooked.

I have an obsession with white chocolate raspberry cheesecake! I don't have a tweet account but I did share on FB. My only regret of all of this past year is that I was less than a foot from one of her cheesecakes and somehow it never reached my mouth :(

Oooh! Oooh! I wanna try the lime. I love citrus and dairy, which most people think is strange, but, it sounds like the grown-up cousin of a creamsicle :)

I'd love to try the lime with a raspberry swirl or the lemon blackberry. Who am I kidding, they all sound divine, but those two caught my attention right away.

I just ordered the dark chocolate truffle + raspberry for K's birthday, but for myself, either the vanilla + cranberry or lime + raspberry. They all sound so good.

oh, and shared on Facebook. :)

oh wow! im going to order one for the christmas dinner, but if i were to be so lucky...blah blah. White chocolate rasberry! I can taste it already! It was hard not to say the dark choc. truffle! cant wait to come back and order!

The dark chocolate truffle sounds amazing, but I have to say vanilla bean!

These cheesecakes are seriously amazing. It's OK if I don't win, because I have already been lucky enough to try one, but I do want to try the dark chocolate truffle. Hopefully someone in Pittsburgh wins and then I can just share!

(I had the pumpkin, and it was perfect. DH just mentioned this past weekend that he was thinking about it and craving it.)

So, I'm in Canada, but I go to the US and have a US mailing address that I can use, so I'm going to try to win anyway. I think the White Chocolate Raspberry would be delightful.

I want a vanilla bean!!!

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