Remember when I went to London and drooled over everything fabric at Liberty? Remember how high I said the prices were? Well, today I found a little piece of heaven. At my local Marshall's and TJ Maxx stores, of all places, they are selling Liberty fabric patterned note card sets and journals!

liberty notebook.jpgWhat is the madness of which I speak? The Liberty Art Fabric Stationery Collection! In its entirety, the collection consists of note card sets, journals, address books, and notebooks. My stores had just the cards and journals, but there were four varieties of each (with four more varieties within each box of note cards). My online searches haven't come up with anywhere else in the US these can be purchased--they are available at Amazon UK, though, for sale prices between 5.99 and 7.99 pounds (on sale!). In dollars, that's $9.32 to 12.43. At TJ Maxx and Marshall's, I scooped up the journals for $4.99 each and the note cards for $5.99 per box (and yes, before you ask, I did buy one of each). The quality is excellent--beautiful prints, and the journal covers and outside of the note card box are the actual fabric. These would have easily fit in at the actual Liberty store--they'd just have cost 3-5 times as much.

In keeping with the British theme, Marshall's and TJ Maxx have also been carrying a few things by Cath Kidston. So far, I've only seen her Dream Home Journal ($5.99 instead of $13.57) and a few small accessories, but I'm holding out hope for aprons and tea towels.

It's not just the Liberty and Cath Kidston stuff that has me going back to Marshall's and TJ Maxx once a week these days, though. I'm finding at least two or three great finds on every trip. Another thing I was delighted to see recently and greedily scooped up in duplicate were gorgeous soap sets by Fringe Studio. The sets I got, which are two very large bars of soap packaged in a great vintage floral-esque tin, were $7.99 each and I'm pretty sure they must be last year's design, because I can't find them online anywhere. They're gorgeous, though, and the scents--Rose Cassis, Grapefruit, and a Orange Currant--are fantastic. I don't think Fringe Studio makes anything that isn't lovely. If you want to pay full price for it, you find it at places like Anthropologie.

chinese laundry socks.jpgAnother thing I scored at TJ Maxx/Marshall's recently (I use the two interchangeably because I can never remember what I got where, and they tend to have very very similar stock, at least here) was trouser socks. I am partial to the Chinese Laundry variety, as they come in fun patterns, fit my feet, and hold up pretty well. A six-pack of them (two pairs black, two pairs gray, two pairs purple!) was $8.99. Retail? Well, they're $26.45 at Shoebuy!

Andes30.jpgFinally, I have to give a shout to Tuesday Morning, a store I don't frequent as often as Marshall's or TJ Maxx, but which impresses me on occasion. Today, I found a whole bunch of hand-dyed wool Andes yarn on the shelves there, for $5 a skein. Beats $11.25!

This discount store round up may need to become a regular feature here, as great as the stuff I'm finding recently is. Remember, everything at these stores is limited time only, so if you're after anything I've mentioned, better look for it now!


When you return to your home state, can you help me thrift? I need to learn how, please!

I love the Chinese Laundry socks/tights at my local TJ Maxx. Though...they are $6.99 for a six pack. I didn't realize TJ Maxx had different prices in different stores!!!

I did get a pair of curtain panels for $14.99 and a couple of candy stocking stuffers at TJMaxx today. I almost bought a Calphalon skillet but I still didn't want to pay $20!!!! Maybe after the New Year.

Holy moly! We lost our Tuesday Morning lately. But I do love some TJmaxx and Ross.

That yarn is beautiful.

See, all you have to do is talk about yarn and you get me to comment :P

The notebook is really nice as well.

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