Kings of the Earth

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kings of the earth.jpgOnce upon a time, I read a book called Finn, by Jon Clinch. And I loved it so much I came here and told you all about it. Then, Jon Clinch wrote another book, called Kings of the Earth. Which I loved, and came here to tell you about.

Except that while I was looking for a picture of the cover, I found this review of it at Like Fire. And this review kindly provided a very good synopsis of the plot, as well as some kudos for the feeling of the book. So now I don't have to. Go there and read that. I'll wait.

OK, you back?

The only thing I'd add to Lisa Peet's insightful comments is that I loved every page of this book right up until the last few. For some reason, the ending felt very abrupt and cut-off to me, and I found that unsettling. Really, though, given the nearly 400 pages of pure fantastic the novel was, I can't complain too much about that.


Grace, thanks so much for the link and the nice words. I've spent most of this evening loving your dog photos and stories -- we have a very beloved beagle/coonhound rescue and three dear rescued kitties (and, weirdly, I lost my own first dog too young in July '05, and will probably never get over it). So -- pleased to meetcha.

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