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As I've mentioned a couple of times, I got (another) new job. I'm really really excited about it. I start on Tuesday, and it's in a professional environment at a big national company. It will be very different than what I've been doing for the past eighteen months (i.e. working from my couch), and pretty different from what I did before that (work at a state agency, a university, etc.). This job will be, for better or worse, my entry into "corporate."

For the past two weeks, I've been lining up my ducks like only a semi-neurotic can. I have been to the dentist, the eye doctor, the gynecologist, the dermatologist. I have purchased new glasses, new tires, new shoes. I have made lists upon lists upon lists. And now, as my final unemployed weekend begins, I find myself putting together my job emergency kit, to take with me on my first day and stash in my brand new cube.

Everybody's job emergency kit is going to be a bit different, I'd think, and just like peeking into someone else's purse, peeking into someone else's emergency kit should be fun. So here's what I've got ready to go in mine:

Thumbnail image for hand-balm-lavender-pine.jpg
Caldrea Hand Balm (Mine is actually from the Caldrea Target line, in the Olive Oil scent. I love that stuff, and it is on clearance right now for $2.99/tube.)

listerine zero.jpg
Listerine Zero No-Alcohol Mouthwash (A small bottled picked up for $2.50 at Big Lots.)

Orange Tic Tacs (Like Paulie Bleeker, I'm obsessed with them. They taste like Tang! I got a 4 pack at Target for I think around $3.50)

Shout Wipes.jpg
Shout Wipes (A little pack of four of them was around a buck in the travel sized section at Target.)

o.b. Tampons (Exciting contraband, I know! I only have one box left, and it's coming to work!)

Degree Ultra Clear in Pure Satin (Again, Big Lots--$1.50, I think.)

Thumbnail image for Tweezerman-Slant-Tweezer.jpg
Tweezerman Slant Tweezers (TJ Maxx or Marshall's, I'm sure--I always have an extra tweezers or three around. I think they're usually $5 or so.)

tarte lip pencils.jpg
Tarte Natural Lip Stain Pencil in Enchanted ($24 at Ulta)

lash blast.jpg
Cover Girl LashBlast Length Mascara in black (I got a two-pack for around $5 in the Target clearance section. Not what I'd usually use, but no way I am letting expensive mascara dry out at work.)

Thumbnail image for NARSbs-395x.jpg
NARS The Multiple in South Beach (from a past Birchbox)

hue tights.jpg
Hue Tights in Black (purchased, I'm sure, in a two-pack from Marshall's or TJ Maxx for $9.99)

There are a few more things I know I need to add: dental floss, a hair brush and hairbands, and drugs (Midol, Advil, etc.). But other than that, I feel like I'm covered. What do you think? What's missing? What's in your work emergency kit?



Welcome to being The Man. It's pretty awesome in my experience.

I has a lot of desk snacks. and lip balm. And packing tape. Spare allergy meds. Tissues. Tylenol. Pepto. Nerf gun & ammo. Tea. A spare set of silverware (or disposables or plastic). Mug & waterbottle.

Other than yours I have quarters for the soda machine, emergency lunches (soup), utensils, mini fan, napkins, tissues, stamps, and daytime cold medicine

Love your list - I'd include ibuprofen and safety pins.

i was going to make a Paulie Bleeker crack and you beat me to it. hmph.

My company is big enough that it provides a lot of stuff for employees: free soda/juice/tea/coffee/springwater, OTC medicines of a dozen varieties, tissues, tampons, lyson wipes, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, etc.

Still, I'm a hand lotion addict and I have 3 different Lush creams, sewing kit, real silverware, salt shaker, half dozen emergency lunches (cans of soup, noodle bowls) and granola bars. I have a pair of flip flops for emergency foot pain, a shawl, a fan, a Bose iPhone sound dock (because streaming music is locked down), a plant, a photo of Pixel and a photo of Mark and I in Costa Rica. Toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, lip gloss, my own glass and bowl.

That's my long rambling list. ;) Good luck. I hope you love it.

I never even thought of having an emergency kit! lol

I LOVE corporate. Even though it's mind numbing after a while, I love the smoothness.

I especially can speak well of it now, as I'm leaving the most toxic workplace I've ever encountered in my life. It's a small, family-owned company full of backstabbing and personal attacks. Give me corporate professionalism any day!

I hope you had a GREAT day at work today!

I dont have a emerg kit for work yet but it may be a good idea... right now everything is kept in my purse mainly bc of my kid haha but that's a pretty list!
someone commented with soup cans great idea for when your running out the door! One thing for me is pepper.. always need it but is never found around! thx for sharing!

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