Thrift Share Monday: Back in the saddle


I haven't participated in Thrift Share Monday for quite a while. The reason? Not because I haven't been thrifting--I have--but more because I haven't been excited about what I've been thrifting. Several months ago, I set some pretty strict (for me) guidelines for myself re: what I was and was not allowed to thrift. Basically, I decided I was only allowed to thrift things with an immediate use, either for myself or for a specific other person. No thrifting just because things are cool. And these rules were necessary--I was thrifting at least once a week, and there was simply too much stuff coming in and too much money going out. But thrifting with rules? Not as much fun as thrifting without.

Now that I'm back to have only occasional opportunities to hit the thrift stores, I decided to lighten up on the rules and allow myself a few purchases that might not have an immediate or obvious use. A huge cleaning and decluttering spree that has left me with a ton of storage space also made this possible.

And y'all? Thrifting is fun again.

A few recent finds:

These nearly perfect condition Keens were marked $9.99, and shoes were half off the day I bought them, so I brought them home for $5. They are a size too small for me, but that makes the the perfect size for my mom, who has back and foot issues and can always use high quality shoes. Score! I can't find this specific style online, but similar ones seem to retail for $70-$90.

karoff tray.jpg
As per the tag, this is a Karoff Cotillion Swinging Serving tray. I can't find one like it anywhere online, but a fancier version showed upon A La Modern, which says it's from the 50s or 60s. I doubt it's worth much, but I may put it up on Etsy and see. Or I may keep it, because really, isn't it awesome?

korres set.jpg
I'm guessing this Korres set was somebody's Christmas present, and it clearly hadn't even been opened when I picked it up for $2 at the thrift store. Korres is one of my favorite beauty brands, and this set retails for $30-$40, depending on where you buy it.

diapers and stuff.jpg
One of my thrift wish list items for this year is awesome baby stuff for my friend E., who is due with twins this spring. On my last thrift trip, I managed to nap three excellent used (if used at all) condition Kushies Ultra-Washable Diapers, a pair of new with tags Gymboree baby socks, and a new with tags Gap baby hat!

This pen came into my life at just the right time. It's a Vera Bradley pen, new in the box, retail price $19. And I have a new coworker who collects cool pens, who has been invaluable to me in my first few weeks of work! A perfect thank you gift for her, for $.99!

This isn't all I've thrifted recently--I've had good luck with paper products (and I have such a soft spot for stationary) and small home goods, as well. Clothes have been more difficult, but that, I think, is largely seasonal. All in all, I'm really glad to be back in the saddle with regards to thrifting. Now to keep it under control...


Really great finds, and yes - I'd probably keep the karoff tray. Or maybe not. Cool find though either way!

I LOVE the Karoff tray. I would love to find one of those. I have a book about Atomic Kitchens and they have a tray like that in there. If you sale it...will it be sold in an etsy shop? I am VERY interested.

O, how I can relate to this post. i also had to set rules to thrift by for myself.

Great finds and well thought out!

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