TJ Maxx, you disappoint me

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Remember, just a few short weeks ago, when I told you how much I love TJ Maxx and Marshall's? And how it was the second time in a month I'd bragged on those stores? Those were completely sincere posts. I had a great time shopping at my local discount retailers in the weeks before Christmas.

In the weeks since Christmas, I've visited the local Marshall's and TJ Maxx stores several more times. The new job I'm starting next week is going to require a somewhat more formal wardrobe than that to which I've become accustomed, and both my coat and my gloves are on their last legs, so I've been hoping to do some shopping for myself.

No such luck.

It's like they are completely different stores. Since Christmas, not just one, but ALL of my local discount retailers have taken a deep nose dive. They don't seem to be getting restocked--the merchandise is the same one week as the next, and it mostly seems to be the leftover stuff that wasn't purchased before Christmas. Making matters even worse, the stores aren't being kept neat and organized--the shelves are partially empty and a lot of them have damaged merchandise on them.

This seems like a really bad business plan to me. I mean, I know the pre-holiday time is probably more profitable, but people still shop in January. What about exchanges and spending holiday gift cards? What about a shopper like me, who built up quite an attachment to the magical discount store retail therapy before Christmas and is now having her hopes dashed? Are these stores always like this, only really worth your time in-season? Is it something I've just missed until now?

I've decided to send an email to TJ Maxx and Marshall's and let them know about my disappointment, with a link to this post and the past posts I've made about how much I love them. I'll let you know if I get any explanation.


I wonder how much control they really have over their inventory.

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